Hameg HZO51
1000A AC/DC Current Probe

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The Hameg HZ51 1000A AC/DC Current Probe is used to measure currents from 100mA to 1000A over a broad frequency range. The measure­ment principle is based on the Hall Effect that registers the magnetic field generated by the current flow. Even for complex waveforms a high degree of measurement accu­racy is achieved. The output voltage is proportional to the measured current and well suited to be displayed on an oscilloscope. The current probe complies with the safety standards defined in IEC/EN 61010.

Measurement range ± 100 Arms/1000App
Accuracy ± 1% from measurement value ±0.1A/±0.5A
Bandwidth DC: 20KHz
Resolution ± 100mA/± 500mA
Output voltage 10mV/A/1mV/A
Load impedance > 100 kΩ II ≤ 100 pF
Max. Voltage 300 Veff or DC
Output cable/Connector 2m (50Ω)/BNC
Measuring category CAT III
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