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Hakko FR872-03
120 VAC / 60 Hz, 1440W IR Preheater

  • High efficiency carbon filament IR heating lamps
  • 4 independent switchable heat zones
  • 8.8 x 10.5 in (224 x 266 mm) effective heating area
  • Manual or Auto operation modes
  • Preheat controlled by Power percentage or Thermocouple for closed-loop feeback of the PCB heating
  • Ramp Control that controls the ramp rate of the PCB when using either of the thermocouple modes of temperature control
  • Soft EPO to protect assemblies
  • Automatic operation following a 3-heating zone profile that can be programmed into the system (with up to 20 possible profiles)
  • Faster than ceramic IR heating
  • Integration capability with the Hakko FR-803B hot air and FM-206 rework systems with connecting cable (not included)
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