Hakko FX301B-03 Lead Free
Compatible Digital Solder Pot with Auto Shutoff Timer

  • Four heating programs to choose from: Sn-Pb (tin,lead), Sn-Ag-Cu (Tin,Silver,Copper), Sn-CU (Tin,Copper), and Sn (Tin).
  • Easy to replace the pot. Just loosen two screws and replace pots for different compositions or pot sizes.
  • A convenient timer function to help you keep track of how long the pot has been in use, allowing easier judgement of when the pot should be replaced.
  • Bath Size: 50 x 50mm Square (optional 75 x 75mm square)
  • Power Consumption: 200 W
  • Temperature Control: 200-450°C (200-380°C)
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Hakko FX301B-03 shown
The Hakko FX301B-03 is a digital type, compact soldering pot, great for lead free use with selectable heating programs that allows users to reach the ideal temperature quickly
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FX301B-03 Hakko FX-301B Digital Solder Pot Buy Now $625.07
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