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Graphtec GL-240

Compact Standalone 10-Channel Datalogger w/ 4.3 in. Color Display

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Brand: Graphtec
Model No: GL-240
Our Model No: GL240M
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Wireless LAN capability remote monitoring & datalogging
  • Flexible input system for wide array of applications
  • Ability to access additional (GL100) sensors & adapters
  • Extended memory capacity using SD memory card
  • Max sampling interval up to 10ms
  • Smartphone access

The GL240 is a 10 channel comprehensive data logger and the best value market leader. This compact, comprehensive datalogger accepts voltage, temperature, humidity, pulse and logic signals. Channel-to-channel isolation means wiring errors or overloaded channels do not affect neighbouring channels. Sensors are connected via rear mounted screw terminals.

Multifunction Analog Input Ports

Contains a highly isolated input mechanism which ensures that signals are not corrupted by noise from other channels. The GL240's inputs are suitable for combined measurements from voltage, temperature, humidity, logic, and pulse signals.

4 Channels of Logic/Pulse Inputs

Supports 4-channel logic or pulse signal inputs. Pulse mode allows cumulative instant, or rotational values for industrial measurement capability with speed and flow.

Large Easy-to-Read 4.3 in. Wide Color LCD

Carries a clear 4.3-inch wide LCD screen (WQVGA: 480 x 272 dots. Monitoring data are displayed in waveform or digital form. Parameter settings can be displayed on the screen.

Useful functions

Alarm Output Function

Based on set conditions for each channels, alarm signals can be placed using the four channel alarm output ports.

*Input/output cable (B-513 option) is required to connect the alarm output ports to external buzzer/light mechanism USB drive mode

USB Drive Mode

USB drive mode function enables data to be transferred to the PC from GL840/GL240 by drag & drop feature Navigation function.

Navigation Function

Simple to use navigation screen allows setting operation for measurement and wireless LAN adapter.

Maximum Sampling Interval of up to 10ms

Provides faster sampling rates for voltage measurements. You are able to achieve up to 10ms sampling speed when limiting the number of channels in use.

Supports Large SD Memory Cards for Reliable Long-Term Measurements

Carries two SD memory card slots for storage device. The SDHC type SD memory card is supported up to 32GB. 4GB SD memory card comes as a standard accessory installed in the first slot.

Ring Capture Function

The most recent data is saved when the memory is configured in ring memory mode. (Number of capturing data is 1000 to 2000000 points.)

Relay Capture Function

Data is continuously saved to multiple files up to 2GB without losing any data until capturing is stopped when the memory is configured in the relay mode.

Hot-Swapping SD Memory Cards

SD card can be replaced during data capturing when the sampling interval is100ms or slower.

3 Types of Power Sources

Choose from AC power supply, *DC supply, or the *rechargeable battery pack.

*DC power drive cable (B-514) battery pack (B-569) are optional accessories

Networking Features

Web & FTP Server function

The GL-240 can be controlled externally via a network on the WEB browser which also supports monitoring and transfer of signals and captured data.

FTP Client Function

Captured data is periodically transferred to the FTP server for backup.

NTP Client Function

The clock on the GL840/Gl240 is periodically synchronized with the NTP server.

*The GL840/GL240 needs to be connected to a LAN environment using the available Ethernet/WLAN ports

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GL240M LAN/WLAN access point

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GL240M compatible sensors, inputs, adapters

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GLM240 data monitoring via PC/smart device

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GLM240 remote data monitoring

  • 1 - Quick Start Guide (GL240-UM-85x)
  • 1 - SD memory card 4GB
  • 1 - CD-ROM User's Manual, Application software
  • 1 - AC cable/AC adapter 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • 1 - Ferrite core Used to attach to the USB cable
Batteries and Chargers
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B-569 Graphtec B-569 7.2V/2900mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack Add to Cart


Model Description Buy Now Price
B-513 Graphtec B-513 Input/Output Cable with 4 x Logic inputs & 4 x alarm outputs, 2 meters Add to Cart


B-514 Graphtec B-514 DC power cable, 2 meters Add to Cart


Model Description Buy Now Price
B-530 Graphtec B-530 Humidity Sensor, 0 to 100% RH, for GL Dataloggers Add to Cart


Model Description Buy Now Price
B-551-10 Graphtec B-551-10 250 ohm shunt resistor, 10-pk Add to Cart


Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (3.88 MB)
Manual: PDF Document Icon (9.21 MB)
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