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Graphtec GL840-M

20-Channel Thermocouple/Voltage Midi Logger, 60 Vp - p

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Brand: Graphtec
Model No: GL840-M
Our Model No: GL840M
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Suitable for temperature measurement in multiple channels
  • Withstands voltages up to 350 Vp - p (1 min.)
  • Max voltage: 60 Vp - p
  • 20-Channel standard sampling
  • Wireless LAN capability
  • Remote monitoring and datalogging
  • Flexible input system for wide array of applications
  • RTD, T/C
  • Ability to access additional (GL100) sensors and adapters
  • Extended memory capacity using SD memory card
  • Max sampling interval up to 10 ms
  • Wirelessly connects to smartphones using Graphtec's App

The Graphtec GL840-M Thermocouple/Voltage Midi Logger contains a highly isolated input system which ensures that signals are not corrupted by noise from other channels. The GL840M`s inputs are suitable for temperature measurement with multiple channels.

The standard configuration has 20 analog input channels. However, it can be expanded up to 200 channels by adding optional 20 channels extension terminal base units (B-566) and input terminal units(B-564 or B-565).

Input terminal blocks can be connected directly (in daisy chain), or using the B-565 cables. This allows the input terminals to be placed in separate locations according to the need of the application. The input terminal unit and the GL840-M main body can be extended by using an extended connections cable.

Maximum sampling interval of up to 10 ms

Provides faster sampling rates for voltage measurements. You are able to achieve up to 10 ms sampling speed when limiting the number of channels in use.

Supports large-size SD memory card for reliable long term measurement

The GL840 series carries two SD memory card slots for storage device. The SDHC type SD memory card is supported up to 32 GB. 4 GB SD memory card comes as a standard accessory installed in the first slot. The captured data can be stored in GBD(Graphtec binary data) or CSV file format.

  • 1 - Quick start guide
  • 1 - SD memory card
  • 1 - Software CD-rom
  • 1 - AC cable/AC adatper
  • 1 - Ferrite Core
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Batteries and Chargers
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Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (6.92 MB)
Manual: PDF Document Icon (25.5 MB)
Quick Start Guide: PDF Document Icon (26.5 MB)
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