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Graphtec WR310-16

Thermal Arraycorder Mainframe, 16 Channel, 40 GB Hard drive, & IRIG Time Code Interface

Status: Not Available
Brand: Graphtec
Model No: WR310-16
Our Model No: WR31016
Condition: NEW
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Not Available

Product Features:

  • 16 input channels
  • 40 GB Hard Drive
  • Long-Term Analog Data Recording
  • Large Capacity Data Capture Capabilities
  • 8.4" color LCD monitor for data display and the graphical user interface
  • Plug-in 2-channel WR3 series amplifiers adapt the system to a wide variety of input types and sensors.
  • Up to 1 MS/s sampling rate on all channels
  • Bandwidth (frequency response): dc to 50 kHz
  • 1 M Sample internal memory PER CHANNEL is standard
  • Built-in 200mm (8") wide thermal array printer
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, USB, and slot for flash memory cards
  • Performance, reliability and ease of use Includes PC software for control, data transfer and conversion to popular formats

The Graphtec WR310-16 Thermal Arraycorders are economical waveform recorders available in 4, 8 and 16 channel configurations. Unlike old-fashioned paper-only recorders, the Graphtec WR310-16 is a 21st century technology through and through.

Available are convenient 2-channel plug-in modules that adapt the Graphtec WR310-16 to a wide variety of input types and sensors, including voltages up to 500 V, strain gages, thermocouples, frequency/RPM signals, and more. There’s also a logic input amp which offers the same number of inputs as the base machine (4, 8, or 16).

Data are shown on the Graphtec WR310-16 all the time of the 8.4" color LCD screen in a variety of formats, including scroll. oscilloscope, XY, and even FFT! Data can be printed in real time or after acquisition on the Graphtec WR310-16, to the built-in 100 or 200 mm wide chart output.

Easy Operation – Intuitive Controls

A separate bank of chart speed setting keys enables the user to change the chart speed on the Graphtec WR310-16 at any time, and four directional cursor keys are provided for easy menu selection. The additional buttons of the Graphtec WR310-16 makes this unit even easier to use than similar products.

Data Upload to Your PC

OPS023 control/transfer/conversion software is included with the Graphtec WR310-16, so the user can convert data captured to Excel or delimited ASCII format. FlexPro can open Graphtec WR310-16 data files natively, providing a powerhouse analytical capabilities with an Excel-like interface.

  • 1 - 200mm Roll of Thermal paper
  • 2 - Roll paper bobbins
  • 1 - REMOTE connector
  • 1 - LCD Protector
  • 1 - AC cable (RSC-110)
  • 1 - Quick Guide
  • 1 - User Guide CD-ROM with OPS023 Application Software
  • 1 - USB Driver
Model Description Buy Now Price
WR-3DCB Graphtec WR-3DCB DC Strain preamp for WR300 Series, 2-channel module Discontinued
WR-3-FV Graphtec WR-3-FV F/V preamp for WR300 Series, 2-channel module Discontinued
WR3-M Graphtec WR3-M Multi-input preamp for WR300 Series, 2-channel module Add to Cart


WR3-V Graphtec WR3-V Voltage preamp for WR300 Series, 2-channel module Discontinued
B-335 Graphtec B-335 2-pin Input cable (banana terminal) bare tips, 16-cable set Not Available


B-522 Graphtec B-522 200 mm long-length Z-fold unit for the WR300/WR310 Series Discontinued
B-523 Graphtec B-523 100 mm internal Z-fold unit for the WR300/WR310 Thermal Arraycorders Series Discontinued
B-524 Graphtec B-524 200 mm internal Z-fold unit for the WR300/WR310 Thermal Arraycorders Series Discontinued
RIC-07 Graphtec RIC-07 Logic IC cable for the RIC-08 or RIC-09 Add to Cart


RIC-08 Graphtec RIC-08 Alligator clip cable Add to Cart


RIC-09 Graphtec RIC-09 IC clip cable Add to Cart


RIC-10 Graphtec RIC-10 Probe set (1 each of RIC-07, RIC-08, RIC-09) Add to Cart


PR230-R5A Graphtec PR230-R5A Roll Paper, 100mm wide, 40 m long (for WR300-4 only), 5 pack Add to Cart


PZ230-R5A Graphtec PZ230-R5A Z-fold paper, 100mm wide, 40 m long (for WR300-4 with B-523 option only), 5-Pack Add to Cart


PR231A-R10A Graphtec PR231A-R10A Roll Paper, 200mm wide, 40 m long (for WR300-8/16, WR310-8,/16), 10-Pack Add to Cart


PZ233-R5A Graphtec PZ233-R5A Z-fold paper, 200mm x 40 m (for WR300/WR310-8/16 with B-524 option), 5-Pack Add to Cart


PZ231A-R5A Graphtec PZ231A-R5A Z-fold paper, 200mm x 100 m (WR300-8/16WR310-8/16 with B-522 option), 5-Pack Add to Cart


Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (2.4 MB)
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