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Graphtec GS-3AT

Acceleration and Temperature Sensor Input Module, C-MOS Sensor, 100 Hz

Brand: Graphtec
Model No: GS-3AT
Our Model No: GS3AT
Condition: NEW


Product Features:

  • Method of Measurement: Tri-axial acceleration (X-, Y-, Z-axis) and Temperature (C-MOS sensor)
  • Acceleration Range: +/-2 G (20 m/s2), +/-5 G (50 m/s2), +/-10 G (10 m/s2)
  • Temperature Range: -10 to 50 degrees C
  • Type of calculation: Average, Peak, RMS, or OFF (selected one value will be saved)
  • Response (acceleration measurement): 0 Hz to 100 Hz
  • Can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature measurements
  • IP54 Rated Dustproof and Waterproof
  • Connects to the GL100-N and GL100-WL Data Loggers

The GS-3AT Data Logger Acceleration and Temperature Sensor Input Module for industries requiring climate monitoring and control such as greenhouse, hydroponics, agriculture and botanical rooms gives managers real time environment and climate monitoring. Fine arts museums and galleries are also served for controlled environment settings where the GL100 excels.

  • 1 - User manual
  • 1 - Connection cable
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