Global Specialties RP6V2-C
Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Kit

  • Light, collision, speed, and IR obstacle sensors integrated
  • Optional RC5 remote control available (RP6V2-RMT)
  • Powerful tank drivetrain can negotiate steep ramps and obstacles
  • Large payload capacity encourages stacking of expansion boards as needed
  • Advance wireless options available with RP6V2-WIFI
  • Delivered fully assembled (no soldering needed)
  • CD with software, 138 page manual, and many extras
  • AVR-GCC and RobotLoader open source software for use with Windows and Linux
  • USB interface for programming and communication
  • Sample C programs and extensive C function library
  • Six PCB expansion areas
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Product Information
Datasheet 3.82 MB PDF
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The Global Specialties RP6V2-C is a kit including the RP6V2 Robotic Vehicle, a NiMH battery charger (RP6V2-CHG), and RC5 remote control (RP6V2-RMT). The battery charger makes it very easy to charge the batteries without having to remove them from the robot.

The RP6V2 is an autonomous robotic vehicle (ARV) designed for fun as well as serious mechatronic experimentation using C-language. Its very comprehensive 138-page manual covers software setup, sample programs, uploading instructions, schematics, and even a C-language primer which can get you on your way to custom writing your own code with the included IDE software package.

Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Now Price
RP6V2-C Global Specialties RP6V2-C Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Kit Buy Now Sale $228.65
(Reg. $269.00)
Optional Accessories
RP6V2-M32 Global Specialties RP6v2-M32 Control M32 Module Buy Now Sale $59.50
(Reg. $70.00)
RP6V2-CHG Global Specialties RP6V2-CHG RP6V2 Battery Charger Buy Now Sale $67.15
(Reg. $79.00)
RP6V2-DSP Global Specialties RP6v2-DSP Blue Color Backlight Display Buy Now Sale $34.00
(Reg. $40.00)
RP6V2-EXP Global Specialties RP6v2-EXP Expansion PCB Kit Buy Now Sale $19.13
(Reg. $22.50)
RP6V2-RMT Global Specialties RP6V2-RMT RP6V2 Remote Control Buy Now Sale $24.65
(Reg. $29.00)
RP6V2-WIFI Global Specialties RP6v2-WIFI WIFI Module Buy Now Sale $170.00
(Reg. $200.00)