Global Specialties ARX
Quick, Autonomous, Multi-Sensored Robot Building Kit

  • ATmega8L, 8-bit AVR-RISC processor
  • Fully programmable in C language
  • Comes unassembled. Soldering required
  • Excellent AVR-GCC freeware for use with Windows or Linux
  • Cruise around wirelessly with PC control via Unique and safe USB IR transceiver with simple to operate flash software
  • Remote control and PC-programming possible via USB transceiver
  • Wireless control possible with optional Bluetooth and 433 MHz RF
  • 6 collision-detector sensors
  • Optical line-tracke r unit
  • Measure and control rotational speed of the motors via 2 independently controlled 3V-DC motors
  • 3 LED indicators
  • Move a given distance
  • Rotate a given angle
  • Measure the driven distance
  • Move in geometric paths
  • Optional wireless kits
  • Expandable via expansion pins
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Product Information
Datasheet 3.88 MB PDF
Manual 10.34 MB PDF
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The Global Specialities ARX is a quick, autonomous, multi-sensored robot with line-following and collision detection abilities. The ARX comes unassembled and requires soldering, making it an exceptionally suitable introduction into processor controlled hobby electronics for projects in schools, universities, and technical education.

Developed for educational purposes by the DLR, the German Aerospace Center (like NASA). Highly versatile, the ARX is completely programmable in C. Standard parts are utilized and freeware tools can be used for programming.

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ARX Global Specialties ARX Quick, Autonomous, Multi-Sensored Robot Building Kit Buy Now Sale $43.78
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Included Accessories
  • 1 - User Manual CD
  • 1 - USB Cable
  • 1 - USB IR Transceiver
Optional Accessories
ARX-WRL Global Specialties ARX-WRL Wireless APC-220 & Bluetooth Compatible Kit   Buy Now Sale $140.25
(Reg. $165.00)
ARX-BT3 Global Specialties ARX-BT3 Bluetooth Compatible Kit  Buy Now Sale $46.75
(Reg. $55.00)
ARX-SNK Global Specialties ARX-SNK ASURO Snake Vision Kit   Buy Now Sale $38.25
(Reg. $45.00)
ARX-ULT Global Specialties ARX-ULT ASURO Ultrasound Distance Measurement Kit   Buy Now Sale $25.50
(Reg. $30.00)
ARX-MSP Global Specialties ARX-MSP ASURO Minesweeper Kit   Buy Now Sale $38.25
(Reg. $45.00)
ARX-EXP Global Specialties ARX-EXP ASURO Experiment PCB Kit   Buy Now Sale $8.50
(Reg. $10.00)
ARX-BOOK Global Specialties ARX-BOOK ASURO Book Volume 1   Discontinued