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Global Specialties R500

Robotic Caterpillar Kit

Brand: Global Specialties
Model No: R500
Our Model No: R500
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Comes unassembled
  • caterpillar-like motion
  • Retreats when objects touch the antenna sensor
  • Tilt sensor
  • Antenna LEDs change color upon contact with objects
  • 8 degrees of freedom
  • Programmable in C, sample programs included
  • IR receiver
  • Transparent body
  • LED indicators
  • ATMEGA16 Processor
  • Power supply: 4 AAA batteries
  • Various available I/Os
  • I2C bus expandable

The Global Specialties R500 Robotic Caterpillar Kit is a fascinating robot kit that looks and moves like a real caterpillar. The IR receiver allows for control with the optional RC5 remote control (not included). The transparent body is fitted with LEDs and looks great in the dark. Add on other sensors and modules using the I2C bus system.

Download programs with the included RobotLoader Software. The R500 comes unassembled as a kit (minor soldering required) so it's perfect for school or hobby projects. Controlled by a powerful ATMEGA16 microcontroller, the robot is programmable via open source tools in C. The robot comes with many example programs already written. Download them to the robot using the supplied USB interface and RobotLoader software. Write custom programs using the free, open-source WinAVR software.

  • 1 - Software CD with WinAVR and RobotLoader
  • 1 - USB connector cable
  • 1 - USB programmer interface
  • 1 - User Manual
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R500 Robotic Caterpillar Overview
Global Specialties R500 Robotic Caterpillar Overview
Happy Robotic Caterpillar from Global Specialties the R500
Happy Robotic Caterpillar from Global Specialties the R500
Data Sheet: PDF Document Icon (1.04 MB)
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