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Global Specialties 1504
0 - 150 @ 4A Single Range, Variable AC Line Power Supply
See: 1420GLOBAL

  • Single range 0-150 VAC @ 4A
  • Triple isolated continuous variable AC Output
  • Power Line leakage current measurement facility
  • 3 digit DPM for high accuracy
  • Capacitive Coupling Less than 0.0005pF
  • Galvanic leakage less than 10uA
  • 120dB attenuation for common mode noise
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Global Specialties
1504 Shown
The Global Specialties 1504 Variable AC Power Sources are designed for modern electronic laboratories needing a clean, electronically and galvanically isolated variable line supply. The line supply series are available in single and dual output ranges. The Global Specialties 1504 has a single range output from 0-150VAC @ 4 Amps of continuous current. Features a super isolation transformer which is triple shielded from the input line for maximum protection against shock hazard. A convenient front panel plug accepts a probe for measuring leakage current up to 9.99mA. Unit is overload protected with a fuse and a separate output switch. Rack mounting is achieved by sliding away the side panels which expose channels in the instrument's chassis. The accuracy, superior quality and safety features of the Global-1504 make it perfect for research & development laboratories, medical facilities, plant maintenance, manufacturing and educational institutions.
Function Description
Input Frequency 47 Hz to 65 Hz
Metering 3 digit DPM displays voltage, current and leakage
Output Line Isolation Capacitive coupling to 0.0005pF
Line to Output Leakage Less than 10µA
Noise Rejection Better than 120dB (common mode noise)
Output Voltage Range Single: 0-150 VAC
Range Load Current Single: 0-4A Continuous
AC Line Voltage 115V nominal
Output Frequency Same as input frequency
Input Protection 1.4 in Fuse 8A
Output Protection Fuse 8A
Accuracy ±3 counts
Controls Power on/off, volt adj., Meter function mA (leakage test), V, A, Isolated Output
(W x D x H)
11.6" x 10.6" x 5.25"
Weight 30 lbs.
Ordering Information
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1504 Global Specialties 1504 0 - 150 @ 4A Single Range, Variable AC Line Power Supply  Discontinued
See: 1420GLOBAL