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Global Specialties PB-502

Portable Advanced Logic Design Trainer

Brand: Global Specialties
Model No: PB-502
Our Model No: PB502
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Two fully debounced pushbuttons with true logic outputs
  • Selectable TTL or CMOS operating voltages
  • Triple output power supply
  • Eight SPST logic switches and buffered LED logic indicators
  • Seven-segment LCD display
  • 840 tie-point breadboard area using a UBS-100
  • Clock outputs and two BNCs connected to adjacent tie-points
  • Molded plastic carrying case


  • Digital logic circuit design and experimentation

The Global Specialties PB-502 Portable Advanced Logic Design Trainer is capable of satisfying many requirements arising in the design and study of digital logic circuitry. The PB-502's selectable operating voltage allows the trainer to be used in either TTL or CMOS operating mode. The trainer contains three integral power supplies and input/output devices that simplify the construction of a wide range of circuits.

Typical circuits that can be built on the PB-502 include: Operational amplifiers, comparators, A to D converters, gates, and counters. The PB-502 can also interface directly to a microprocessor. The PB-502 is housed in a tough, molded plastic carrying cases with an integral hinged cover which stacks neatly for storage.

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