Global Specialties PB-507LAB-K
Advanced Analog and Digital Circuit Design Trainer with PB-507
See: PB507LAB

  • Flush-mounted, removable circuit breadboard for multiple student lab usage
  • LCD displays the settings from each active module
  • USB connection enables viewing and controlling from a PC
  • Choose your power source: 6.3/12.6 VAC, 5 VDC or variable ±20 VDC
  • Draw power from banana plug connections or the tie-point power supplies above each breadboard bus strip
  • Powerful 1 MHz bandwidth function generator with sine, triangle, and square wave output
  • Pulse generator operates like a second, independent function generator enabled to modify the duty cycle between 10–90%
  • Frequency counter module reports on the output of your own specially designed circuits
  • Two-year warranty
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The Global Specialties PB-507LAB-K is a comprehensive course in analog and digital electronics which utilizes the PB-507 trainer as a base for its experiments. The PB-507LAB-K includes the entire Electronics Fundamentals 2nd Ed., as well as the Digital Electronics curriculums. Plus there is a kit with over 150 small components needed such as LEDs, resistors, and jumper wire. Students will learn the fundamentals of electricity all the way through combinational logic circuits and microcomputer concepts. Students will also learn by engaging in valuable hands-on breadboarding and experiment verification with the use of the PB-507 trainer.

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PB-507LAB Global Specialties PB-507LAB Electronic Design Workstation w/Educational Courseware Books Discontinued
See: PB507LAB
Included Accessories
  • 1 - GSC-2301 _ Electronics Fundamentals Student Text
  • 1 - GSC-2302 _ Electronics Fundamentals Instructor Guide
  • 1 - GSC-2311 _ Electronics Fundamentals Lab Manual
  • 1 - GSC-2312 _ Electronics Fundamentals Lab Solution Set
  • 1 - GSC-3200 _ Digital Electronics Student Text
  • 1 - GSC-3201 _ Digital Electronics Instructor Guide
Optional Accessories
PB-5 Global Specialties PB-5 Replacement Breadboard for PB-507 Buy Now Sale $98.94
(Reg. $116.40)
PRO-50A Global Specialties PRO-50A Handheld Digital Multimeter Buy Now Sale $43.78
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