General Flat Head Plugs

  • Premium Flat Head Screw hole Plugs have a tapered tenon to insure a tight fit
  • Designed to form a flush finish in furniture and other woodworking applications
  • Paint or stain for a perfect wood-color match or for accentuated contrast
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General Flat
Head Plugs Shown
A fluted dowel pin has a series of parallel grooves cut along its length providing channels through which excess glue - that is used to secure the dowel pin in its hole - can escape as the dowel is inserted. This relieves the hydraulic pressure that might otherwise split the timber when the mating pieces are clamped together. General’s fluted dowels are ideal for creating strong and secure joins in furniture, cabinets, trim and special woodworking projects.
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313038 General 313038 3/8" Flat Head Plugs, Oak (50) Buy Now $4.18
313012 General 313012 1/2" Flat Head Plugs, Oak (50) Buy Now $4.18
315516 General 315516 5/16" Flat Head Plugs, Hardwood (50) Buy Now $2.90
315038 General 315038 3/8 Flat Head Plugs, Hardwood (50) Buy Now $2.90
315012 General 315012 1/2" Flat Head Plugs, Hardwood (40) Buy Now $2.90