General 846
True-Edger Jointer Clamp

  • The long awaited alternative to expensive jointers
  • Straight line rip crooked boards on your table saw
  • Just mount the clamps to a guide board to create a flat reference edge
  • The guide board can be made from any straight edged scrap
  • Clamp the stock to the guide board and make your rip cut
  • Get a dead-flat edge every time, with no extra waste
  • The jointer clamps work on any length stock up to 2" thick
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Product Information
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General 846 True-Edger Jointer Clamp Kit is the long-awaited alternative to expensive jointers. Now, you can straight-line rip crooked boards using your table saw! Just attach your crooked board to a piece of straight stock using the Jointer Clamps and run the stock along the rip fence to rip the crooked board. The Jointer Clamp works in two easy passes and is great for use with long stock. Additionally, patented swing arm design allows you to accurately rip wide boards with ease
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Included Accessories
  • 1 - User's manual