General 524
Precision Trammels Set

  • Trammels accurately measure and mark distances that are too great for conventional compasses and dividers
  • For layouts, marking templates, and drawing large circles
  • 6" (153mm) eccentric points provide fine adjustments
  • Points can be replaced with pencils, ball points pens, crayons, or soapstone sticks for marking various materials
  • Clamps onto beam 5/8" to 1-1/2"(16 to 38mm) thick of any length
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General 524 Shown
The General 524 Precision Trammel Set attaches easily to a large rule or yard stick for expeditious marking of arcs and circles. The set includes two scriber points and two pencils points, with storage in the body. The steel features a reversible point for safe storage within the body.
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