General 11
Washer and Gasket Cutter

  • This tool cuts washers and gaskets in leather, rubber, cork, graphite, fiber, copper and other soft materials
  • Combination round and square shank permits use with bit brace or hand drill
  • Made of steel with graduated beam to adjust to diameters from 5/8" to 6-1/2"(16 to 165mm)
  • Two independently adjustable cutter blades cut inside and outside diameters simultaneously
  • Maximum safe speed is 100 RPM
  • For hand held variable speed drills only
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General 11 Shown
The General 11 Washer and Gasket Cutter makes instantaneous and precise gaskets from a variety of materials, including leather, rubber, cork, graphite, copper and other soft materials. The cutter features two adjustable blades for making inner and outer diameter cuts, and has marked graduations on the shaft for accurate measurements. The shank has been designed with a round shaft and a square end to fit both a bit brace and a hand drill. This tool is demonstrably advantageous for auto mechanics, plumbers, wood workers and HVAC professionals.
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