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General Tools DCS280
The Seeker 280 Ruggedized Video Inspection System

  • Big, bright color LCD for crystal-clear real-time video imaging
  • 9mm (0.35 in.) diameter x 1m (39 in.) long camera-tipped probe is thin enough to fit into very narrow spaces
  • 2m and 3m long, 9mm diameter probes are available
  • Super thin 5.5mm dia. probes in 1m, 2m and 3m lengths are also optionally available
  • All probes are oil, water and dust-proof to IP67 standard. The DCS280’s wand-type grip and monitor are IP54 splash -proof
  • Adjustable LEDs in camera head illuminate dark areas
  • Unit is drop-resistant to 1m height and comes in a protective hard case
  • Invert what you see 180° to read labels right-side up and ZOOM video up to 200% to show details
  • Pays for itself quickly: Avoid the cost and trouble of tearing down engines
  • One-handed operation frees your other hand to use tools
  • AV Out jack enables video connection to any NTSC television
  • Includes four useful probe tip accessories
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General DCS280

The General Tools DCS280 The Seeker 280 Ruggedized Video Inspection System is designed for heavy industrial or contractor use. It has numerous HVACR and plumbing applications, such as detecting leaks and cracks in ducts and piping, inspecting for corrosion and deposit buildup, and reading hidden part and serial numbers. The General Tools DCS280 The Seeker 280 precision specialty instrument offers a cost-effective way to visually inspect inaccessible or hazardous areas and diagnose hidden system problems without the necessity of complete disassembly or teardown.

The Seeker 280 comes standard with a thin, 9mm diameter, 1m long, flexible-obedient probe that is water, oil and dust proof to IP67 standards. The rugged, splash-resistant, console meets IP54 standards for dust and water resistance and offers a comfortable grip and a 2.4-Inch color monitor. It is also drop resistant to a height of 3.3-Feet. The Seeker 280s standard probe features a remarkable depth of field of 1.0-Inch to infinity, providing crystal-clear views of the internals of a system or piece of equipment, and includes two bright white LEDs to illuminate dark areas.

Optionally, the Seeker 280 can accommodate longer 9-mm probes (2-meter and 3-meter) as well as other available probes (5.5-mm and 12-mm diameter). The 5.5-mm probe is available in 1-meter, 2-meter and 3-meter lengths while the 12-mm probe accepts 1-meter, 2-meter and 3-meter extensions that increase the overall reach to 5-meters. The console features buttons for zoom (up to 2x), 180-Degree image flip and brightness adjustment, as well as an output jack for viewing video on an external monitor (NTSC).
Display Size/Type 2.4 in. diagonal TFT color LCD
Display Resolution 320 x 240 pixels
Monitor Controls 180° flip, 1 to 2X zoom in 0.2 steps, brightness + and –
Probe Diameter/Type 0.35 in. flexible-obedient
Probe Length 39 in
Probe Field of View 60°
Probe Depth of Field 1 in. to infinity
Camera Light Source 2 adjustable-brightness white LEDs
Impact Resistance To height of 39 in.
Water, Dust, Splash Resistance Levels Camera-tipped probe designed to meet IP67; Grip and monitor designed to meet IP54
Operating Temperature/Humidity 32° to 113°F (0° to 45°C) @ 5 to 95% RH
Dimensions of Console 10 x 3.6 x 2.3 in.
Weight of Console 1 lb.
Dimensions of Case 15 x 11 x 3.5 in.
Weight of Case and Contents 4 lb.
Power Source 4 "AA" batteries
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DCS280 General Tools DCS280 The Seeker 280 Ruggedized Video Inspection System Discontinued
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Video Inspection System with Wand-type Grip and 2.4 in. (61mm) Color LCD Monitor
  • 1 - 1m (39in.) Long, 9mm (0.35 in.) Diameter Flexible-obedient Probe
  • 1 - Four Probe Tip Accessories (Thread Protector, Magnetic Pickup, Pickup Hook, 45° Mirror)
  • 1 - "AA" Batteries
  • 1 - Custom Hard Case
  • 1 - User’s Manual