General Price List

Test Equipment Price List Accessories Price List Discontinued Items
Model Description Price
31A General 31A Plug Cutter (3/8") Discontinued
31C General 31C Plug Cutter (5/8") Discontinued
520 General 520 Precision Adjustable Trammels Discontinued
811 General 811 Utility Combination Square Discontinued
812 General 812 Professional Carpenter's Combination Square Discontinued
829 General 829 Professional Quality T-Bevel Discontinued
1931 General Tools 1931 Precision Fold-Back Hobby and Craft Knife Discontinued
70400 General 70400 Three piece UT Lighted Tweezer Set Discontinued
See: Retrieval Tools
70402 General 70402 Two piece UT Lighted Tweezer Set Discontinued
See: 70401
And: 70408
70403 General 70403 Serrated Blunt Tip Illuminated Tweezers Discontinued
See: 70401
And: 70408
19512 General 195-1/2 1/2" Rose Pattern Countersink Discontinued
19558 General 195-5/8 5/8" Rose Pattern Countersink Discontinued
19534 General 195-3/4 5" Rose Pattern Countersink Discontinued
GENERAL329 General 329 Moisture Test Meter Discontinued
See: MM1E
4DRILL General 04 4" Max Circle Cutter Discontinued
5655DRILL General 5/6/55 Replacement Drill for 5B, 06 and 55 Discontinued
6BLADE General 6 Replacement Cutter Blade for 06 Discontinued
70393 General 70393 12" Flex-Shaft Lighted Mechanical Pickup Discontinued
See: 70396
7200 General 7200 Fiberglass Folding Rule Discontinued
See: 73365
750541 General 750541 UltraTech Glass Magnifier 2-1/2" Discontinued
750543 General 750543 UltraTech Glass Magnifier 3-1/2" Discontinued
See: 750544
750545 General 750545 UltraTech Glass Magnifier 4-1/2" Discontinued
759394  General 759394 TELESCOPING MAGNET, HANDLE EXTENDS TO 34"   Discontinued
see: 759398
850General Tools 850 EZ Pro Deluxe Pocket Hole Jig KitDiscontinued
81002 General 81001 16" Zip-Top Tool and Meter Bag Discontinued
see: 81001
81003 General 81003 Open-Top Tool Carrier with Hard Base Discontinued
81004 General 81004 20" wide Zip-Top Tool & Meter Bag Discontinued
81005 General 81005 16" Open-Top Tool Organizer with Hard Base Discontinued
81006 General 81006 16" Open-Top Tool Organizer with Hard Base Discontinued
8601P General 8601P pH Probe for Model DPH8601 with ATC Discontinued
A5033 General A5033 Certified Aluminum Analog Hygrometer Discontinued
See: Wall Mount Thermometer-Hygrometers
A5063 General A5063 Certified Aluminum Analog Hygrometer Discontinued
See: Wall Mount Thermometer-Hygrometers
A5064 General A5064 Flange Mount Analog Thermo-Hygrometer Discontinued
See: A600FC
A5081 General A5081 ANALOG 3 3/4" DIAL COMFORT METER (20 TO 110F, 0 TO 100% RH) Discontinued
ABAR381 General ABAR381 Pocket Barometer/Altimeter Discontinued
ABARTH General ABARTH Analog Barometer Thermo-Hygrometer Discontinued
See: ABAR300
ABC856B General ABC856B Barometric Analog Clock Discontinued
ACL10 General Tools ACL10 15A AC Line Splitter Discontinued
ACRBM General ACRBM Medium Alligator Clips; 1 Red, 1 black Discontinued
ACRBS General ACRBS Small Alligator Clips Discontinued
ADPTRGTi General ADPTRGTi AC Adapter for GTi10, 20, 30, 50 Discontinued
AMP1 General AMP1 Thermostat Amp Checker Discontinued
ARG14 General ARG14 Precision Analog Rain Gauge Discontinued
ASW15 General ASW15 Classic Analog Stopwatch Discontinued
ASW30 General ASW30 Analog Stopwatch 60 sec, 30 min, 1/5 Graduations Discontinued
AT60LR General AT60LR 60 Minute Cooking Timer Discontinued
ASM8926 General ASM8926 Analog Sound Meter Discontinued
BCRBL General BCRBL Large Alligator Clips Discontinued
BF10 General Tools BF10 AC Circuit Breaker Finder Discontinued
BF20 General Tools BF20 Circuit Breaker Finder and GFCI Tester Discontinued
See: 61534
BL6 General BL6 Battery Operated Black Light Discontinued
BRT200FR General BRT200FR Replacement Thermometer for DFP200FR Discontinued
BSP200FR General BSP200FR Red Spirit Round Style Sling Psychrometer Discontinued
See: SP100FM
C4 General C4 CASE FOR IRT5, 8, 50, SAM990DW, CMM880, LAM880D, PTH8708, DSM8928 & DLAF8000 Discontinued
C15 General C15 SOFT VINYL CASE FOR CMM880, LAM880D & SAM990DW (MEDIUM) Discontinued
C16 General C16 Case for DLAF8000 and DLAF8000C Discontinued
CAF4221 General CAF4221 Cup Style Airflow Meter w/ Temp & Humidity Discontinued
CAF4224 General CAF4224 Cup Style Airflow Meter w/ Temp & Humidity & Barometric Pressure Discontinued
CAP1500 General CAP1500 Digital Wide Range Capacitor Tester Discontinued
CPH12101 General CPH12101 ANALOG SPA & POOL PH/ CHLORINE TESTER Discontinued
CDM1060 General CDM1060 Wall or Desk Digital IAQ Meter Discontinued
CM770 General CM770 Dual Display True RMS 1000V/1000A 0.1 Resolution Amp Clamp Meter with Removeable IRT Discontinued
See: CM700
CRD2032 General CR2032 REPLACEMENT BATTERY FOR PTH8708, PTH8709K, SAMJR995 - MINIMUM ORDER 12 Discontinued
CRCHGTI General CRCHGTI Car Charger for GTi10/20/30/50 Discontinued
CSP1 General CSP1 Dual Purpose Air Switch Discontinued
CT1278 General CT1278 Digital Timer and Alarm Clock with Backlight Discontinued
CT500AV General CT500AV Audible/Visual Circuit Tester Discontinued
CT600M General CT600M Male Type Test Cords Discontinued
CT801 General CT801 Miniature Contact Tachometer Discontinued
see: CT6235B
DA833 General DA833 Digital Hand Held Altimeter and Barometer Discontinued
DAC8248 General DAC8248 Atomic Digital Wall Clock with Moon Phase Discontinued
DAF3300 General DAF3300 Mini Airflow Meter with Wind Direction and Compass Discontinued
See: DAF3010
DAF4000 General DAF4000 Mini Airflow Meter with Altitude and Pressure Discontinued
DAF4223 General DAF4223 Stick Style Airflow Meter w/ Temperature & Humidity Discontinued
DAF80PW General DAF80PW Heavy Duty Anemometer Discontinued
DAMP206 General DAMP206 Deluxe Digital AMP Clamp Meter Discontinued
See: CM700
DAMP221 General DAMP221 Mini AC AMP Clamp Meter Discontinued
See: DAMP60
DAMP222 General DAMP222 Mini AC/DC Amp Clamp Meter Discontinued
See: DAMP68
DAMP3500 General DAMP3500 AMP Clamp Attachment Discontinued
DAMP3505 General DAMP3505 Automotive Clamp Meter Discontinued
DAMP3505KIT General DAMP3505KIT Automotive Clamp Meter Kit Discontinued
DBAR110 General DBAR110 Wireless Weather Station and Forecaster Discontinued
see: DBAR880
DC360BL General DC360BL Digital Compass with Backlight Discontinued
DCS660 General DCS660 Sea Scope Recording Waterproof Video Inspection System with 2GB MicroSD Memory Card. Discontinued
See: DCS660A
DCS350 General Tools DCS350 The Seeker 350 Ruggedized Recording Video Inspection System Discontinued
DCS600 General DCS600 Sea Scope Waterproof Video Inspection System Discontinued
See: DCS660A
DCS1618M General DCS1618M Measuring Tip & Analyzing Software Discontinued
DTH184DL General DTH184DL High Accuracy Data Logging Thermo-Hygrometer Discontinued
See: DTH3007SD
DCS200 General DCS200 Professional Video Inspection System Discontinued
See: DCS600A
DCS400-09 General DCS400-09 Wireless Datalogging Video Inspection System with 9mm probe Discontinued
See: DCS660A
DCAL6 General DCAL6 6" DIGITAL CALIPERS (4 BUTTONS) Discontinued
See: SP100FM
DCAL12 General DCAL12 12" DIGITAL CALIPER (4 BUTTONS) Discontinued
See: SP100FM
DCO1002 General DCO1002 Digital CO Detector Discontinued
DCFM8901CERT General DCFM8901CERT Certified DCFM8901 Air Flow Meter Discontinued
DCFM8906CERT General DCFM8906CERT Certified DCFM8906 Digital Airflow Meter Discontinued
DCO1002 General DCO1002 Digital CO Detector Discontinued
DCS355 General DCS355 Deluxe Professional Video Inspection System (5.5mm) Discontinued
See: DCS605
DCS400PE General Tools DCS400-PE The Seeker 400-Pe Etl Certified Wireless Recording Video Inspection System Discontinued
See: Extech BR250
DCS495 General DCS495 Compact Video Borescope Discontinued
DCS700 General DCS700 VideoFlex Data Logging Video Borescope System (Kit) Discontinued
DCS1500 General DCS1500 Portable Video Borescope System Discontinued
DCS1600 General DCS1600 High Performance Datalogging Video Borescope System Discontinued
See: DTH04
DCS1600-1SM General DCS1600-1SM High Performance Datalogging Video Borescope System with 1M Soft Metal Probe (So) Discontinued
See: DTH04
DCS1800 General DCS1800 Wireless Video Borescope System Discontinued
See:Fiber Optic Borescopes
DCS100 General DCS100 Seeker 100 Wireless Video Inspection System Discontinued
DCS280 General Tools DCS280 The Seeker 280 Ruggedized Video Inspection System Discontinued
See: DCS600A
DCS400 General DCS400 Wireless Datalogging Video Inspection System with 12mm Probe Discontinued
See: DCS600A
DCT2001 General DCT2001 Professional Conductivity and TDS Meter Discontinued
DMM51FSG General DMM51FSG Digital Service Multimeter Discontinued
DHI875F General DHI875F Fahrenheit Horizontal Humidity and Temperature Meter Discontinued
See: Psychrometers and Thermometers
DKT900 General DKT900 Digital Cooking Thermometers Discontinued
DL8828 General DL8828 Digital Temperature Data Logger Discontinued
DL8829 General DL8829 Digital Temperature and Humidity Data Logger Discontinued
See: DL8835
DLM105HA General DLM105HA Digital Light Meter with RS232 Output Discontinued
DLM200A General DLM2000A DIGITAL LIGHT METER, 0.1 TO 20,000 LUX, 2,000 FC WITH HARD CASE Discontinued
DLM203DL General DLM203DL Data Logging Light Meter Discontinued
DMM120 General DMM120 Digital Multimeter with RS232 Output Discontinued
DMM30UL General DMM30UL Digital Multimeter with UL Listing Discontinued
DMM333 General DMM333 Digital Pocket-Sized Multimeter Discontinued
See: DMM30
DMM333UL General DMM333UL Digital Credit Card Style Multimeter Discontinued
DNGD168 General DNGD168 Portable Gas Detector with LCD Discontinued
See: NGD268
DOP2001 General DOP2001 Dissolved Oxygen Probe for DPHC2001 and DOM2001 Discontinued
see: WK2017SD
DPH01380K General DPH01380K Temperature Meter w/ RS232 Cable, Software, pH, Temperature Probes & Buffer Solution Discontinued
DPM122TH General DPM122TH Humidity and Temperature Panel Meter Discontinued
See: LCR318
DPM160 General DPM160 Digital Panel Meter with Sensor and Output Discontinued
DPM2003S General DPM2003S Digital Miniature Round Solar Panel Meter Discontinued
DPM300FB General DPM300FB Digital Panel Meter with Front Loading Battery Discontinued
See: DPM300PP
DPM560BF General DPM560BF Stainless Steel Solar Panel Meter with Flush Mount Discontinued
DPM560FF General DPM560FF Solar Panel Meter with Flange Mount Discontinued
DPM40FC General DPM40FC Digital Panel Meter with Steel External Probe Discontinued
see: MDP300PP
DPT300E General DPT300E Digital Anti-Roll Standard Range Economy Pocket Thermometer Discontinued
See: DPT301FC
DREF300 General DREF300 Low Cost Protein / Urine Digital Refractometer Discontinued
DS400RC General DS400RC Digital Refrigeration Scale Discontinued
See: DS300RC
DSM3200DL General DSM3200DL Digital Data Logging Sound Meter Discontinued
DSM8922 General DSM8922 Digital Sound Meter with Backlight and RS232 Output Discontinued
See: DSM8930
DSM8925 General DSM8925 Digital Sound Meter with Jumbo Display Discontinued
See: DSM8930
DST300 General DST300 Digital Surface Probe Thermometer with a Flat Base Discontinued
DT100SF General DT100SF Digital Panel Meter with Flange Mount Discontinued
See: DPM300PP
DT160AC General DT160AC Celsius Digital Laboratory Thermometer Discontinued
DT304 General DT304 4-Channel Thermometer Discontinued
See: DT4947SD
DT306DL General DT306DL Dual Input Datalogging Thermometer Discontinued
See: DT4947SD
DT309DL General DT309DL 4-Channel Data Logging Thermometer Discontinued
See: DT4947SD
DT309DL General DT309DL Four Channel Datalogging Thermometer Discontinued
DT30725 General DT307-25 Mini High Temperature Thermometer with a K-type Probe Discontinued
DTC500 General DTC500 Wireless Thermometer and Clock Discontinued
DT572WPB General DT572WPB High Temperature Waterproof "T" Handle Lab Thermometer Discontinued
DT610MF General DT610MF Waterproof "T" Handle Lab Thermometer Discontinued
see: DT618HF
DT721 General DT721 Wide Range Dual Port Digital Thermometer Discontinued
See: DT8852
DT8801 General DT8801 Digital Thermometer with One K-Type Probe and Case Discontinued
DT8803 General DT8803 Digital Thermometer with Two K-Type Probes and Case Discontinued
DTH05P General DTH05P Digital Temp & Humidity Monitor w/ Remote Temp Probe & Recording Feature, F/C Discontinued
DTH1364 General DTH1364 Jumbo Display Thermo-Hygrometer with Probe Discontinued
DTH3009DL General DTH3009DL Datalogging Precision Hygrometer and Thermometer Discontinued
see: DTH3007SD
DTH314DL General DTH314DL Dual Channel Data Logging Thermo-Hygrometer with RS-232 Output Discontinued
DTH700 General DTH700 Wall or Desk Mountable Thermo-Hygrometer Discontinued
See: DTH800
DTH850 General DTH850 Digital Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer/Hygrometer with Clock Discontinued
See: DTH04
DTJ218F General DTJ218F Jumbo Display Temperature Alarm with Thermometer Discontinued
See: DT898P
DWS350SSQ General DWS350SSQ Deluxe Thermometer w/Quick Tip Discontinued
EM8857PI General EM8857PI Infrared Psychrometer and Thermometer with Adjustable Emissivity Discontinued
EM8716General EM8716 Calibratable Digital HVAC Psychrometer Discontinued
EP9801 General EP9801 Data Logger Printer Discontinued
FG100KG General FG100KG Force Gauge Discontinued
FOS18 General FOS18 FIBER OPTIC SCOPES 18" LENGTH Discontinued
FOS36 General FOS36 FIBER OPTIC SCOPES 36" LENGTH Discontinued
FOS48 General FOS48 FIBER OPTIC SCOPES 48" LENGTH Discontinued
FOS72 General FOS72 FIBER OPTIC SCOPES 72" LENGTH Discontinued
FOS96 General FOS96 FIBER OPTIC SCOPES 96" LENGTH Discontinued
FS1001 General FS1001 TEST STAND FOR FORCE GAUGE Discontinued
FW450 General FW450 Flow Watch for Water and Air Speed Measurements Discontinued
GLMM100 General GLMM100 Soil Moisture and Light Meter Discontinued
See: DSMM600
GPK060 General GPK060 ANALOG GAS PRESSURE KIT, 0 TO 60 INCHES Discontinued
See: GPK035
GTI10 General Tools GTi10 Thermal Imaging Camera Discontinued
See: New Thermal Imaging Catalog
GTI10-600 General GTI10-600 Thermal Imaging Camera (600° C, 1112° F) Discontinued
See: New Thermal Imaging Catalog
GTI10-1000 General GTI10-1000 30Hz/160x120 Thermal Imaging Camera (4° to 1832° F) Discontinued
See: New Thermal Imaging Catalog
GTI10-1500 General GTI10-1500 30Hz/160x120 Thermal Imaging Camera (4° to 2732° F) Discontinued
See: New Thermal Imaging Catalog
GTI20 General Tools GTi20 Thermal/Visual Imaging Camera with Picture-In-Picture Discontinued
See: New Thermal Imaging Catalog
GTI30 General Tools GTi30 Thermal/Visual Imaging Camera with Picture-In-Picture, Streaming Video And Voice Annotation Discontinued
See: New Thermal Imaging Catalog
GT320 General Tools GT320 Wireless Data Logging Multimeter with Dot Matrix Lcd Plus Ncvd/Nccd Discontinued
See: General Tools Electrical Multimeters
General GT520 Wireless Digital Multimeter with Remote Control Display Discontinued
See: 233
MFR ID: 3463576
GTSF10 General Tools GTSF10 Data Logging Software For Gt310 & Gt320 Discontinued
HC880 General HC880 Humidity Calculator Discontinued
HDT303K General HDT303K Deluxe Digital Stem Thermometer Discontinued
 See: HDT304K
HG15 General HG15 Hydrogauge Manometers Discontinued
HR33 General HR33 Humidity Reference for EP8706, EM8716, EM8857 & PTH8709 Low (33%) Discontinued
See: HR33LJ
HR75 General HR75 Humidity Reference for EP8706, EM8716, EM8857 & PTH8709 High (75%) Discontinued
See: HR75LJ
INT8818 General INT8818 Data Logger Interface Kit Discontinued
IRT105BX General IRT105BX- Contains the IRT105 in a metal case and extra battery Discontinued
IRT2 General IRT2 Mini Gun Style Infrared Thermometer Discontinued
IRT203 General IRT203 - Same as IRT203BX with an additional blister pack Discontinued
IRT203BX General IRT203BX Mini Infrared Thermometer Discontinued
IRT303HACCP General IRT303HACCP Food Service Infrared Thermometer Discontinued
IRT305K General IRT305K Wide Range Infrared Thermometer with a "K" Type Port Discontinued
IRT4 General IRT4 Gun Style Infrared Thermometer Discontinued
See: IRT-642
IRT4020WR General IRT40-20WR High Range 20:1 Infrared Thermometer Discontinued
See: UEI INF215
IRT408K General IRT408K Wide Range Gun Style Infrared Thermometer Discontinued
See: IRT-642
IRT408KBX General IRT408KBX - Same as IRT408K, but includes metal case and extra battery - Discontinued Discontinued
See: IRT-642
IRT50 General IRT50 Wide Range Stick Style Infrared Thermometer Discontinued
See: IRT8
IRT500DL General IRT500DL Extreme High Range Datalogging Infrared Thermometer Discontinued
See: 5722
IRT653 General IRT653 12:1 Wide-Range Infrared Thermometer with Adjustable Emissivity, Memory and Alarm Discontinued
IRT656 General IRT656 SB Refrigeration, AC and Food Service Infrared Thermometer Discontinued
IRT8 General IRT8 Infrared Thermometer with Min/Max & 9 Point Memory Discontinued
IRT9 General IRT9 Deluxe Wide Range Infrared Thermometer Discontinued
See: IRT653
KT280 General KT280 Restoration Kit (Video Borescope, IRT & Stud, Metal & Voltage Detector) Discontinued
L09 General L09 9° Telephoto Lens for GTi10, 20, 30 Discontinued
L12 General L12 12° Telephoto Lens for GTi10, 20, 30 Discontinued
L38 General L38 38° Wide Angle Lens for GTi10, 20, 30 Discontinued
L512 General L512 12° Telephoto Lens (12 X 9) for GTi50 Discontinued
L548 General L548 48° Wide Angle Lens (48 X 36) for GTi50 Discontinued
LAM122 General LAM122 Economy Temperature and Humidity Pen Discontinued
LD9 General LD9 Compact Lightning Detector Discontinued
M558 General M558 1" X 2" Oval Telescoping Inspection Mirror; 9.75" Arm Extend to 26"; Angle Adjustable Discontinued
MLD100General MLD100 Microwave Leak DetectorsDiscontinued
See: MW1AK
MM120 General MM120 Minimum/Maximum Range Analog Thermometer Discontinued
MM700D General MM700D Precision Digital Moisture Meter with 1% Accuracy Discontinued
MM80G General MM80G Precision Digital & LED Moisture Meter Discontinued
MMD6NP General MMD6NP Digital Non-Invasive Moisture Meter Discontinued
MMD950W General Tools MMD950W Wireless Pin/Pinless Deep Sensing Moisture Meter Discontinued
See: MMD950
MN630WP General MN630WP Waterproof Panel Meter - ideal for all weather conditions, measures outdoor temperatures Discontinued
MPH8680E General MPH8680E Low Cost Mini Digital pH Meter Discontinued
MPH8682AD General MPH8682AD Low Cost Mini Digital pH Meter with ATC & High Resolution Discontinued
MS7000 General MS7000 Precision Moisture Meter Discontinued
MSV350D General MSV350D Digital 3-in-1 Stud, Voltage & Metal Detector Discontinued
MX120 General MX120 Minimum/Maximum Metal Range Analog Thermometer Discontinued
MT200 General MT200 Meat and Poultry Cooking Thermometers Discontinued
NGD100 General NGD100 Natural Gas Detector Discontinued
See: NGD8800
NISTUV254SD General Tools NISTUV254SD Data Logging UVA & UVC Meter with SD Card and NIST Calibration Discontinued
See: UV254SD
NISTUV512C General Tools NISTUV512C Digital UVC Meter Ultraviolet Light 220-275 nanometers w/ NIST Calibration Discontinued
See: UV512C
NISTUV513AB General Tools NISTUV513AB Digital UV AB Light Meter with NIST Calibration Discontinued
See: UV513AB
ORP504 General ORP504 Digital Pocket Oxidation Reduction Potential Meter Discontinued
See: DCM7021
OT550 General OT550 Analog Oven Thermometers Discontinued
P15001 General P15001 Replacement Probe for DCS1500 - 3.2 FT (1m) -soft metal Discontinued
P15003 General P15003 Replacement Probe for DCS1500 - 9.8 FT (3m) -soft metal Discontinued
P15005 General P15005 Replacement Probe for DCS1500 - 16.4 FT (5m) -soft metal Discontinued
P150010 General P150010 Replacement Probe for DCS1500 - 32.8 FT (10m) -soft metal Discontinued
P150030 General P150030 Replacement Probe for DCS1500 -99.4 FT (30m) -soft metal Discontinued
P16181SM General P16181SM Replacemant Probe for DCS1600/1800 -3.2 FT (1m) - soft metal  Discontinued
See: P16181SMM
P16181SR General P16181SR Replacemant Probe for DCS1600/1800 -3.2 FT (1m) - obedient  Discontinued
P16181SR-M General P16181SR-M Obedient, forward view probe for DCS1600 & DCS1800, 3.2 Ft (1 m), 5.5 mm dia Discontinued
P16182SR General P16182SR Replacement Probe for DCS1600/1800 -6.6 FT (2m) - obedient  Discontinued
P16182SR-M General P16182SR-M Obedient, forward view probe for DCS1600 & DCS1800,606 Ft (2 m), 5.5 mm dia Discontinued
P16183SM General P16183SM Replacement Probe for DCS1600/1800 -9.8 FT (3m) - soft metal  Discontinued
See: P16183SMM
P16183SR General P16183SR Replacement Probe for DCS1600/1800 -9.8 FT (3m) - obedient  Discontinued
See: P16183SRM
P16185SM General P16185SM Replacement Probe for DCS1600/1800 -16.4 FT (5m) - soft metal  Discontinued
See: P16185SRM
P16ART-1SM General P16ART-1SM Soft-metal Articulating Probe (1m) Discontinued
P16ART-2SM General P16ART-2SM Soft-metal Articulating Probe (2m) Discontinued
P16ART-3SM General P16ART-3SM 3M Long X 6.0Mm Dia. Articulating Probe for DCS800, DCS1600, DCS1700 Systems Discontinued
P161810SM General P161810SM Replacement Probe for DCS1600/1800 -32.8 FT (10m) - soft metal Discontinued
See: P161810SRM
P161830SM General P161830SM Replacement Probe for DCS1600/1800 -98.4 FT (30m) - soft metal  Discontinued
See: P161830SRM
P18ART-1SM General P18ART-1SM Soft-metal Articulating Probe (1m) Discontinued
P18ART-2SM General P18ART-2SM Soft-metal Articulating Probe (2m) Discontinued
P18ART-3SM General P18ART-3SM 3M Long X 6.0Mm Dia. Articulating Probe for DCS1800ART Systems Discontinued
P1839 General P1839 3.9mm (5/32") Tip w/30" Obedient Probe Discontinued
P230-1 General P2301 Meter Probe for DCS200 / DCS300/DCS400 Discontinued
P230-3X General P2303X 3 Meter Extension for DCS200/ DCS300/ DCS400 Discontinued
P4001 General P4001 1 Meter Probe Discontinued
P40095 General P40095 Obedient replacement probe w/camera and LEDs Discontinued
P455-2N General P4552N Obedient probe close focus - 6.6 ft (2 m), 5.5mm dia Discontinued
P455-3N General P4553N Obedient probe close focus - 9.8 ft (3 m), 5.5mm dia Discontinued
P495-1N General P4951N Obedient probe close focus - 3.2 ft (1m), 9.0mm dia Discontinued
P495-2N General P4952N Obedient probe close focus - 6.6 ft (2 m), 9.0mm dia Discontinued
P495-3N General P4953N Obedient probe close focus - 9.8 ft (3 m), 9.0mm dia Discontinued
P7001 General P7001 Replacement Probe for DCS700 - 3.2 ft (1mm) - obedient Discontinued
P7002 General P700-2 Replacement Probe for DCS700 - 3.2 ft (1mm) - obedient Discontinued
P80W  General P4953N Obedient probe close focus - 9.8 ft (3 m), 9.0mm diaGeneral P80W REPLACEMENT VANE FOR DAF80PW Discontinued
PIRT9811 General PIRT9811 Infrared Thermometer with Datalogging and Printing Functions Discontinued
PE14 General Tools PE14 Etl Certified Cat Iii 1000V, Cat Iv 600V Electrically Insulated Probe Discontinued
PM2005 General PM2005 REPLACEMENT PROBE FOR DAF2005MDL Discontinued
PNGD170 General PNGD170 Mini Digital Natural Gas Detector with Belt Clip Discontinued
PRTD370DL General PRTD370DL Digital Platinum RTD Thermometer/Data Logger (Replaces PRTD1317DL) Discontinued
PRTD1317DL General PRTD1317DL Digital Platinum RTD Thermometer and DataLogger Discontinued
PT160PNSF General PT160PNSF Analog Meat Cooking Thermometer, -40 TO 160F NSF Approved Discontinued
PT2008G-550 General PT2008G-550 Probe Type Soil Thermometer, 50 TO 550F Discontinued
PT2020G-220 General PT2020G-220 20"x2" Glass Lens Dial Soil Thermometer, 0° TO 220°F Discontinued
See: PT2008G220
PT2012550 General PT2012-550 High Temperature Turkey Fryer Thermometer Discontinued
PT220P General PT220P Analog Thermometer, 0 TO 220F Discontinued
PT500P General PT500P Analog thermometer, 50 TO 500F Discontinued
PT800 General PT800 Photo Tachometer Discontinued
PTH8708BX General PTH8708BX Digital Temperature and Humidity Pen - Box Style Pen with an extra battery included! Discontinued
see: PTH8708
RCW18 General RCW18 Jumbo Atomic Wall Clock Discontinued
RCW33 General RCW33 Jumbo LCD Weather Clock with Temperature Sensor Discontinued
REF109B General REF109B Hand Held Refractometers for Industrial Liquids Discontinued
REF114ATC General REF114ATC Brix Refractometer 28 to 62% with ATC Discontinued
REF304 General REF304 Protein and Urine Refractometers Discontinued
RGR122 General RGR122 Wireless Rain Gauge with Temperature Display Discontinued
See: RGR150
RGR126 General RGR126 Wireless Rain Gauge with Temperature Display and Remote Rain Bucket Discontinued
See: RGR150
RGR7038 General RGR7038 Wireless Rain Gauge with Remote Rain Bucket Discontinued
RLD202 General RLD202 Standard Refrigerant Leak Detector Discontinued
RLD203 General RLD203 Intelligent Refrigerant Leak Detector with Pump Discontinued
RLD382P General RLD382P High Performance Refridgerant Leak Detector W/ Pump Discontinued
See: RLD400
RMR383HGA General RMR383HGA Wireless Atomic Clock with Remote Temperature and Humidity Sensor Discontinued
RS232KIT General RS232 KIT Windows Software and RS232 Cable Discontinued
RWBRT200 General RW-BRT200 Replacement Wicks for DFP200FR Discontinued
RWT800 General RWT800 Digital Cooking Assistant Discontinued
SAMJR995 General SAMJR995 Digital Pocket Psychrometer Discontinued
See: SAM990DW
SPR104 General SPR104 (2) MERCURY THERMOMETERS FOR SP100FM (12-0267 REPLACEMENT) Discontinued
SPR105 General SPR105 (2) Mercury Thermometers for SP100CM Discontinued
SAM990DWBX General SAM990DWBX Digital Psychrometer - Box Style packaging with Extra Battery Discontinued
SAM990DWCERT General SAM990DWCERT Digital Psychrometer with NIST Certification Included Discontinued
See: SP100CR
SP100CR General SP100CR Sling Psychrometer, Red Spirit, Centigrade Discontinued
See: SP100FR
SPR108 General SPR108 (2) RED SPIRIT THERMOMETERS FOR SP100FR (12-0267) Discontinued
SPR120 General SPR120 Replacement Wicks for SP Series Discontinued
SW2CAB General SW2-CAB Dual Cable and Software Kit Discontinued
SW30HI General SW30HI Heat Index Stopwatch Discontinued
SW888L General SW888L Three Line Stopwatch Discontinued
SWGT3N5 General SWGT3N5 Professional Version Software for GTi30 and GTi50 Only Discontinued
TE821W General TE821W Professional Weather Station Discontinued
TI071 General TI071 LCD Oval Countdown Timer Discontinued
TI268 General TI268 Economy Digital Timer Discontinued
TI896 General TI896 Dual Timer, Stopwatch and Digital Clock Discontinued
see: TI895B
TI897B General TI897B Speedy Set Digital Timer Discontinued
TI898B General TI898B Speedy Set Digital Timer with Lanyard Discontinued
TL12 General TL12 12" Test Leads, 16 Gauge with Boots; 1 Black & 1 Red Discontinued
TL23K General TL23K Test Leads Discontinued
TP2001 General TP2001 Temperature Probe for DCT2001 and DPHC2001 Discontinued
TPK36SST General TPK36SST Stainless Steel T-Handle Probe Discontinued
TPKV36 General TPKV36 Wrap-Around K-Type Probe with Velcro Strap Discontinued
TPKVSR General TPKVSR Deluxe Wrap-Around K-Type Probe with Velcro Strap Discontinued
GENERALTP25 General TP25 Termite Probe Discontinued
TR831 General TR831 Wireless Temperature and Humidity Transmitter for WS831DL and WS821 Discontinued
TRPDGTi General TRPDGTi Tripod Adapter for GTi10, 20, 30, 50 Discontinued
UTEMHT20 General UTEMHT20 Digital Hardness Tester Discontinued
UV112 General UV112 Personal Ultra Violet Light Detector Discontinued
see: UV512C
UV340 General UV340 UV Light Meter with Ultra Violet Light Probe Discontinued
See: UV513AB
UV512 General UV512 Digital UV C Meter Discontinued
UVFOS18 General UVFOS18 Fiber Optic Scope for UV Dye, 18" Length Discontinued
UVFOS36 General UVFOS36 Fiber Optic Scope for UV Dye, 36" Length Discontinued
UPCB01 General UPCB-01 RS232 Cable DAF80MIN, DAF80WPM, DAF80PW, HWA4204HA, PM9100 Discontinued
UPCB02 General UPCB-02 RS232 cable for DCT2001 Discontinued
USB01 General USB-01 USB Conversion Kit Discontinued
USB01 General USB-01 USB Conversion Kit Discontinued
UVC254 General UVC254 Ultra Violet Radiometer for Ultraviolet-C (Short UV Rays) Discontinued
WA300 General WA300 Water Purity Tester Discontinued
WBT700 General WBT700 Wireless Cooking Thermometer Discontinued
WG01 General WG01 WEDGE GRIP FOR FORCE GAUGE Discontinued
WDCFM8912CERT General Replacement WDCFM8912 Digital Air Flow Meter for the WDCFM8951 Discontinued
WDCFM8951CERT General WDCFM8951CERT Certified WDCFM8951 Air Flow Meter Discontinued
see: DCFM8906CERT
WMR968 General WMR968 Wireless Jumbo Display Weather Station Discontinued
See: WS831DL
WPT100 General WPT100 Handheld Water Purity Tester Discontinued
WR103 General WR103 Digital NOAA Weather Radio Discontinued
WS1500 General WS1500 Deluxe Professional Weather Station Discontinued
see: WS821
WS2315 General WS2315 Data Logging Wireless Weather Station Discontinued
see: WS831DL
YHDT303KVM General YHDT303KVM Deluxe Digital thermometer Kit - Includes a HDT303K with yellow case, magnet, and velcro strap Discontinued
see: WS831DL