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General DCS1800ART Wireless Articulating
Datalogging Video Borescope System

  • Wireless Transfer - Operate the instrument anywhere without the cable. An image can be sent to a larger screen up to 160'(50m) away
  • Comprehensive Application Mode - Three different application modes (on console, on large screen, and projected) allow wide application
  • Completely Portable - No need for an external light, power or screen
  • 3 Operating Modes - The wireless DCS1800ARTS includes Hands-Free, One-Handed and Two-Handed modes
  • Rapid Imaging - Record still images or MPEG4 compatible streaming video at the touch of a button
  • Strong Metal Lens Sleeve - High quality metal lens sleeve can withstand high temperatures and provides protection of the lens module
  • One-handed articulation function allows user to turn the probe tip to inspect targets located at the sides or at an angle while it is inside a tight space
  • Turning knob and lock button are ergonomically engineered, and offer one-handed easy control to the probe tip to view targets from ideal angle
  • Durable material and construction: All components pass 60,000 cycle test
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DCS1800ARTGeneral DCS1800ART Wireless Articulating Datalogging Video Borescope SystemDiscontinued
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 - Hard Case
Optional Accessories
DCS1800TR General DCS1800-TR Wireless Probe Handle/Controller for DCS1800ART Systems Buy Now Sale $279.30
(Reg. $399.00)
P1618FS-49 General P1618FS-49 4.9 Switchable Front/Side View Buy Now Sale $447.81
(Reg. $649.00)
P18ART-1SM General P18ART-1SM Soft-metal Articulating Probe (1m) Discontinued
P18ART-2SM General P18ART-2SM Soft-metal Articulating Probe (2m) Discontinued
P1839-M General P1839M 3.9mm (5/32") Tip with 30" Obedient probe Buy Now Sale $489.30
(Reg. $699.00)