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General Eastern HUMI-EN-XR-S

Enthalpy Transmitter w/Wall Mount, 0 - 50 BTU/lb

Brand: General Eastern
Model No: HUMI-EN-XR-S
Condition: NEW
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  • Enthalpy: 0-50 BTU/lb (0 to 116.3 kJ/kg)
  • Enthalpy Accuracy: ± 2 BTU/lb (± 4.7 kJ/kg)
  • Microprocessor-based signal processing
  • Wall Mounting
  • Field-replaceable RH sensor saves time
  • Multiple user selectable outputs
  • Robust, proven capacitive sensor technology
  • Attractive, modern look and rugged packaging
  • Versatile temperature measurement
  • Low cost of ownership, very economical
  • Two-year transmitter warranty and one year sensor warranty

The GE HUMI-EN-XR-S HumiTrac XR Transmitter is rugged, compact and ideally suited for monitoring dew point, wet bulb, enthalpy or temperature in building automation and process applications. Using a capacitive RH sensor, the units’s microprocessor computes enthalpy.

Enthalpy is an arbitrary measurement of the relative energy in the air. In this transmitter, it is calculated from the relative humidity and dry bulb temperature measurements. The output is useful in comparing the requisite energy required to heat or cool, and make decisions as to which air stream to use for least energy use to get to design criteria.

The HUMIENXRS features a field-replaceable Relative Humidity (RH) sensor tip module that allows the end user to replace the sensor on-site while maintaining ±2.5% RH accuracy. The user simply powers off the unit, installs the new sensor module and powers back the unit. This virtually eliminates the need for time consuming and costly factory calibration, while reducing downtime during service intervals to near zero.

The HUMI-EN-XR-S utilizes a rugged capacitive sensor that provides full-scale 0-99% RH measurement with unsurpassed response times, linearity and stability. Recovery to condensation and chemicals is excellent and an integrated filter, plus conformal-coated module electronics ensure long life. Signal conditioned temperature versions maintain specified RH accuracy across the full operating range of -40° F to 140° F (-40° C to 60° C). The transmitter also comes with a space mounting configuration.

  • 1 - User manual
Datasheet: PDF Document Icon(203 KB)
Manual: PDF Document Icon(303 KB)
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