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General Eastern RH-3-V-S

Relative Humidity Transmitter, +/-3% RH, 0 - 5 V DC, Wall Mount

Brand: General Eastern
Model No: RH-3-V-S
Our Model No: P40086332
Condition: NEW
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  • Accuracy at 77° F (25° C): ± 3% RH, 20-95% RH
  • Sensing Element (RH): Resistance change of bulk polymer sensor
  • Output Voltage: 0 - 5 V DC
  • Mounting configuration: Space
  • Space: ABS Flame Retardant
  • Max. Air Velocity: 10,000 ft/min
  • Low Profile and compact

The RH-3-V-S Relative Humidity (RH) and Temperature transmitter is designed for continuous monitoring of relative humidity (RH). It provides accurate and reliable measurement for building automation and environmental control systems. The units feature very low profile sensor enclosures that are virtually unnoticeable in most installations. It also has a space mounting configuration.

The RH3VS transmitter has a ±3% RH accuracy (20% to 95% RH). For monitoring and controlling in critical environments, the units can be precision calibrated to 1% accuracy within a specified RH range.

The 0 to 5 volt transmitters provide a linear proportional output at terminal “O” with 0 volts equivalent to 0% RH and 5 volts to 100% RH.

The voltage output transmitters can be wired as a three wire transmitter or as a four wire transmitter to eliminate the effects of wire length. The output voltage is with respect to Terminals “N” (power supply return) and/or “G” (signal ground) which are common at the transmitter.

The RH-3-V-S includes a temperature option that is a separate circuit board but mounted in the same housing along with the relative humidity transmitter. The temperature transmitters are entirely separate circuits from the RH transmitters. Transmitters are loop powered devices. Therefore, only two wires are required. One wire may be common with the RH transmitter.

  • 1 - User manual
Datasheet: PDF Document Icon(584 KB)
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