Fluke Network CSN/NTMC-PR4H
Portable Network Time Machine with 4 ESA for Carrier Service Providers with High Output,1100W Two hot-plug

  • All-in-one plug-and-play architecture for quick root cause analysis reduces downtime
  • 2 X 10Gbps Monitoring Interface
  • Stream-to-Disk throughput (Gbps):
    • 2 ESA: 10
    • 4 or more ESAs: 20
  • 5 + 50 RAID Configuration (Controller + ESA)
  • 8 + 48/72 Basic RAW Capacity (Controller + ESA) (TB)
  • 8 + 384/576 Maximum Raw Capacity (Controller + ESA) (TB)
  • Portable and robust design for quick deployment
  • Up to 10Gbps steam-to-disk capture throughput suitable for field and laboratory use
  • User selectable multiple 1 or 10Gbps monitor/capture interfaces on Portable 2B reduces Capex
  • Realtime and back-in-time data and video/voice analysis
  • Directly analyze IP-based applications even in mix of tunnel encapsulation traffic for quick field troubleshooting
  • ClearSight Analyzer is embedded for deep packet analysis without traffic leaving the unit
  • Up to 20 remote users can analyze packets on the unit concurrently
  • Collaborative analysis of traffic on multiple segments with other capturing agents such as OptiView XG and NTM for quick problem isolation and maximized ROI
  • Analysis data can be exported to CSV or PDF file for troubleshooting report generation
  • Dual Six-core Processors
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Service providers are rolling out and enhancing services to meet customer needs and demands. With increasingly complex network and application environments, day-to-day management and troubleshooting has become more difficult. The Fluke Network CSN/NTMC-PR4HAC Time Machines is an agile troubleshooting solution that provides rapid packet-level visibility in high traffic carrier environments. Available as either a portable orrackmount unit, the Fluke Network CSN/NTMC-PR4H Network Time Machine provides extensive network and applicationvisibility and the forensic detail you need to solve problems.

Capabilities include
LTE Troubleshooting Easy to use IP-based Network and Application Analysis
  • LTE/EPC control-plane anduser-plane analysis
  • End-to-end VoLTE call analysis across EPC
  • Voice, video and dataapplication issue isolation
  • Subscriber session analysis
Triple Play Troubleshooting Detailed Voice, Video and Data Analysis
  • QoS analysis and playback of Voice and Video
  • Automatic correlation ofsignaling and media flows
  • Subscriber session analysis
  • Packet Loss and Latency Analysis across multiple network segments
Data Center Troubleshooting Application Performance Troubleshooting
  • Performance Bottleneck Analysis quickly isolates issues to server or network
  • Visualize impairments across multiple segments
  • Application-aware analysis highlights performance issues

The toughest network and application problems always happen when you least expect them. Sometimes, in order to isolate the root cause, you need monitoring where you don’t have it. To complicate matters even further, symptoms often happen intermittently. The Fluke Network CSN/NTMC-PR4H Network Time Machine (NTM) Portable Series, with its high-performance stream-to-disk engine and easy-to-use on-board analysis, can help you solve even the toughest remote problems quickly and easily.

With the Fluke Network CSN/NTMC-PR4H NTM Portable, there’s no need to haul around heavy, bulky rackmount appliances for forensic analysis. Network professionals can carry the Fluke Network CSNNTMCPR4H Portable to remote sites or network blind spots. And, technicians or system integrators can easily conduct on-site analysis of application or network problems with the ability to collect traffic, go back in time and analyze on the spot with the embedded application analysis engine. The Network Time Machine’s high-performance stream-to-disk architecture with multiple network interfaces handles multi-segment or multitier high-speed network traffic (up to 10 Gbps), ensuring you have visibility into network problems when and where they happen – even the illusive intermittent events.

LTE Deployments
The deployment or migration to Evolved Packet Core (EPC) high-speed data service over 3G, 4G LTE and WLAN poses big challenges to network operationsteams. As converged traffic volume trends ever higher, the ability to troubleshoot IP and application performance across control plane as well as user plane becomes essential.

Triple Play Deployments
Triple Play deployments add new demands, complexity and customer expectations for real-time voice and video applications. Before real-time applications and the demand of voice and video, a little degradation wasn’t noticed. Today, any hiccup is noticed right away and customer churn could be right around the corner!

Data Center Environments
More mission critical applications for more clients and inadequate tools to identify root cause leads to finger-pointing between thenetwork and server teams.

When a problem arises, statistics aren’t enough the solve it. Service providers require an approach to troubleshooting that has the performance to provide visibility and usability to solve problems fast.

High Performance Stream-to-Disk Architecture
Network Time Machine offers industry leading 20Gbps sustained stream-to-disk packet capture performance in a small footprint that ensures service providers can quickly gain visibility where and when it is needed. In today’s IP based network, the ability to capture every packet without filtering or packet loss is important to ensure visibility of all the events that occur on the network. Portable units are ideal for filling gaps in network visibility, whether in the data center or in the field, such as between a cell tower and the EPC.

LTE Control and User Plane Analysis
Today’s customers that use 3G/4G services expect to be "connected" anywhere, any time. Their service should be "Always ON" and ready to send/receive voice, video and data communication with reliable performance. The mobile network needs to be able to Connect,Authenticate, and Attach the user to the network and data service provider(s) quickly; and reliably hand-over, update their connection as they roam around, and provide reliable service anytime, anywhere. This requires seamless coordination of control plane and user plane management elements and procedures.

Network Time Machine is able to detect, analyze, organize, and extract relevant information relating to both control and users plane procedures from multi-terabytes of information captured over time, to identify issues, root cause of network elements and UE anywhere on the 4G Evolved Packet Core.

Subscriber Mobility Issue Visibility
The Fluke Network CSN/NTMC-PR4H NTM can process in real-time, control plane traffic toidentify LTE subscribers EMM and EMS sessions. Subscribers with procedure issues under an eNodeB, TAI or APN, can be easily reviewed from the Atlas statistics view. Troubleshoot specific subscriber issues by generating UE analysis showing EMM and EMS status and issues, along with bearer and u-plane traffic statistics by specifying UE-ID such as IMSI or Phone Number to show mobility status of an UE. A report template is available to create custom reports that can be exported and saved with the click of a button. Control plane and user plane packets associated with a subscriber can be easily extracted for detailed flow and session analysis in the integrated ClearSight Analyzer.

Connection/Bearer Issue Visibility
To ensure good user experience, provisioning the correct bearers with the proper QoS setup for carrying the various types of IP traffics is pivotal. The Fluke Network CSN/NTMC-PR4H Network Time Machine with the LTE Analysis option provides visibility for the status of bearers that a subscriber has by simply typing in the subscriber’s phone number or IMSI. Issues related to bearer setup procedures are shown and users can drill down to the session view or decode with just a few clicks.

Subscriber Session View
Users can select the c-plane and u-plane application of interest to construct a session view. Flows with issue(s) are highlighted in yellow and shown in a ladder view with timing information on the Fluke Network CSN/NTMCPR4H. Various filter conditions are available to extract just the packets required to review payload information for quick root cause identification.

VoLTE/VoIP Analysis: Call Analysis
The Fluke Network CSN/NTMC-PR4H Network Time Machine provides real-time metrics on voice and video performance for call centers and 4G/LTE networks. Even without visibility of the setup traffic, The Fluke Network CSN/NTMC-PR4H Network Time Machine can reassemble the caller/callee information from the RTP stream in real-time to generate an assessment of the video/voice stream quality. The user can group/filter by call status, MOS call quality or call type by selecting subscriber phone number, MOS range, Setup Time range and call types. With the LTE option, Network Time Machine can group/filter based on eNodeB, TAI or APN connected. The Fluke Network CSNNTMCPR4H high performance capture and analysis architecture make it an ideal quick-to-deploy analysis solution for VoIP/VoLTE in carrier grade operations.

Call Session Analysis
For call sessions extracted, the integrated Clearsight Analyzer of the Fluke Network CSN/NTMC-PR4H decode engine automatically correlates SIP and RTP flows that belong to the samecall together and shows the call session view in a time-correlated multiple segments ladder view. SIP call flow segments with setup issues will be highlighted in yellow with issues framed in the ladder view. Statistical analysis of the call QoS metrics, such as MOS, Jitter and packet loss is shown and reported.

Video and Voice Call Playback
The Fluke Network CSN/NTMC-PR4H Network Time Machine supports many video and voice codecs, including G.711, AMR, EVR, MPEG, and H.264 that are commonly used in mobile networks. Audio and Video can be replayed on its integrated player or exported to an external player so that engineers can replicate the user experience directly.

Data Traffic Issue Visibility

Performance Bottleneck Analysis
The Fluke Network CSN/NTMCPR4H Network Time Machine automatically discovers applications and reports performance trending metrics by server, network and client site. The unique Performance Bottleneck Analysis (PBA) displays server, network and clientsite time for each TCP flow. PBA metrics show where application time isspent; immediately identifying the root cause of application performance complaints.

Integrated Application Performance Analysis
The Fluke Network CSN/NTMCPR4H has embedded analysis capabilities thatautomatically aligns and assesses all IP flows. User plane traffic throughput,servers involved and impairment are highlighted. The Fluke Network CSNNTMC has built-in support forVoice and Video traffic analysis and playback. An optional LTE controlsignal analyzer is available that offers detailed LTE control signalmessaging analysis, on c-plane and u-plane, by LTE interface.

Multi-Segment and Multi-Tier Analysis
Ad-hoc multi-tier and multi-segment analysis quickly correlates IP flows across network elements/segments with trace files collected from various data sources or through aggregation switches. Flow and packets with transport issues are highlighted for quick root cause detection and isolation. Ladder Views can be exported to a PDF file for documentation.

Forensic Analysis
Long term packet storage from multiple segments enables back-in-time retrieval for security breach forensic analysis or compliance auditing.

Performance Specification
Monitoring Interface 2 X 10Gbps
External Storage Appliance External Storage Appliance (ESA) is required to operate.
Either CSN/NTM-EA-UGD or CSN/NTM-EA3-UGD, must be ordered separately.
Stream-to-disk Throughput (Gbps) 2 ESA: 10
4 or more ESAs: 20
Number of ESAs supported is 2, 4, 8, 12, 16
RAID Configuration
(Controller + ESA)
5 + 50
Basic RAW Capacity
(Controller + ESA) (TB)
8 + 48/72
Maximum Raw Capacity (Controller + ESA) (TB) 8 + 384/576
Encasulation Supports traffic analysis encapsulated in PPPoE, GTP, GRE, PPB, MLS, QinQ, IPinIP, and L2TP
Codec Support Audio AC3, AAC, AMR(3GPP), AMR(GSM), AMR_WB, EVRC, EVRCB, DVI, G.711, G.721, G.722, G.723, G.726, G.729, GSM, LBC, AND MPEG4
Video ASF, H.261, H.263, H.263-1998, H.264, JPEG, MPEG4, MPEG4-ES-Code
Physical Specification
CPU Two Six Core Xeon E5-2620
OS Window Server 2008 R2 Embedded
Dimension (H x W x D) 3.44" x 17.48" x 26.93" (8.73 cm x 44.4 cm x 68.4 cm)
Weight 63.5 lbs (28.8 kg)
Power Rating High Output, Two hot-plug 1100W
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Fluke Network CSN/NTMC-PR4H Portable Network Time Machine with 4 ESA for Carrier Services Discontinued
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