Fluke Networks Combination Inline and Span Taps
Dual Link Taps

  • Full-duplex and multi-link visibility for Dual interface analysis solutions
  • Increases the value of a Dual mirror port by replicating the traffic to multiple monitoring and analysis devices
  • Signal regeneration to support multiple analysis devices on the same tap
  • Plug-and-play simplicity for fast analysis and deployment
  • Ideal for networks using distributed network, and application analysis solutions
  • Eliminates the need for port mirroring which can degrade switch performance
  • Increased replication for a greater number of monitoring solutions
  • Increased aggregation for greater visibility across more critical links
  • Any-to-any architecture and port steering make it easy to direct the desired mix of traffic to the appropriate device
  • Many-to-one architecture allows analysis devices to have improved visibility with fewer ports
  • Highly configurable and flexible design ensures deployments options match the needs of any organization.
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Fluke Networks Span Tap

Product Information
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Combination taps merge inline tapping with span regeneration and aggregation, all in the same tap. Maximum flexibility and configurability ensures that necessary traffic is fed to the appropriate device. Once the tap is installed, network, application and security analysis solutions gain clear, unobstructed visibility of traffic and events by simply plugging into the tap

All combination taps feature “any-to-any” architecture and port steering. These are flexible ports that can be configured as either network (input) ports or monitor (tap) ports. Traffic from the network ports can be directed to any monitor port, allowing the traffic to be steered and aggregated as desired

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MFR ID: 3525102
Fluke Networks AXTAP2206BT-BT. Dual link in line Copper tap with 2 copper any-to-any ports Discontinued
MFR ID: 3525098
Fluke Networks AXTAP2206SX-SFP. Dual link in line SX fiber tap with 2 SFP any-to-any ports Discontinued
AXTAP2206LXSFP Fluke Networks AXTAP2206LX-SFP. Dual link in line LX fiber tap with 2 SFP any-to-any ports Discontinued
MFR ID: 3031703
Fluke Network AXTAP2210BT-BT/SFP Dual link in line 10/100/1000 TAP +6 Combi. Ports (4 BT & 2 SFP) Discontinued
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