Fluke Networks CSN/NTM-EX3
Network Time Machine - Express 3
four 1GB SFP Interfaces, 1TB Storage
See: Network Time Machines

CSN Network Time Machine Series Features:
  • Network forensic analyzer with application centric analysis for quick root cause diagnosis of network and application performance problems
  • Content playback, deep packet analysis and decodes
  • Best-in-class real-time Video/Voice over IP metrics and troubleshooting for enterprise networks
  • Optional Atlas feature facilitates the mining of application, network and data link data by providing QoS metrics, statistics and trending charts of application and flow level data
  • Custom PGA-based monitoring interface supports traffic capture on multiple 10/100/1000 Mb/s and 10Gb/s Ethernet interfaces at full line rate
  • High performance stream-to-disk hardware with RAID harddisk controller stores and analyzes up to 60 TBs of live traffic
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Fluke Networks CSN/NTM-EX3

Product Information
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The cost-effective CSN/NTM-EX3 Express appliance weighs less than 20 pounds, is rack-mountable (mount rack kit not included), and features a 1-U form factor for easy transport. Its portability, hardware filtering feature and 1-TB disk storage makes the NTM Express an ideal choice for monitoring medium volume network traffic to or from branch offices that have redundant paths or asymmetric links.

The CSN Network Time Machine series are all-in one data recording and analysis solutions that are capable of monitoring and capturing data on four channels of 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet and storing the captured data on internal RAID sub-storage systems. Its optional Atlas feature provides real-time and post capture traffic analysis showing statistics on traffic from layers 2 to 7, making it easy for users to identify traffic of interest. Deep Packet Analysis is done by the Application Centric Analysis engine built-in to the ClearSight Analyzer software for quick application problem identification, and quick drill down to isolate timing or application coding issues. Multi-segment analysis is Express to facilitate analysis of traffic captures from multiple network segments on one or more Network Time Machine, making isolation of network perforamnce analysis a snap.

Specifications CSN/NTM-EX3
Interface Rate (Gbps) 1
Number and Type of Interfaces 4SFP
Type of Media Supported 10/100/1000 Base-T 1000Base-SX 1000Base-LX
Steam-to-disk Throughput (Gbps)1 2.5
RAID Configuration 0
Raw Capacity (TB)2 2
OS+Metadata Capacity (TB)3 0.8
PacketStore Capacity (TB)4 1
Multiple Concurrent Remote Viewer/ Configuration 0/1
CPU Quad Core Intel Xeon X3430 Processor, 2.4GHz
OS Windows Server 2008
Memory 4 GB
Power supply 50/60 Hz, 100/240V AC
Power consumption One non-redundant 350 W
Dimensions Height: 4.24 cm (1.67”)
Width: 43.4 cm (17.1”)
Depth: 61cm (24”)
Operation Temperature 10° to 35°C (50°F to 95°F)
Storage Temperature -40° to 65°C (-40°F to 149°F)
Humidity Operation:20-80% non-condensing
Storage:5-95% non-condensing
1. Stream-to-disk throughput is the maximum traffic rate that NTM can store data to disk with no packet loss. The traffic was all 64 byte packets and the test was run no less than 3 hours
2. Raw capacity is total raw hard disk storage available. It will be consumed by OS, NTM system programs, PacketStore and other temporary program buffers
3. OS+Metadata capacity are disk space reserved for OS, NTM System Software and the Metadata database where packet indexing data is kept.
4. PacketStore is the database where packets captured are stored. Amount specified is disk space reserved for storage.
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
CSNNTMEX3 Fluke Networks CSN/NTM-EX3 Network Time Machine Express 3, four 1GB SFP Interfaces, 1TB Storage Discontinued
See: Network Time Machines
CSNNTMEX3A Fluke Networks CSN/NTM-EX3-A Performance Analysis Bundle. Discontinued
See: Network Time Machines
Includes Accessories
  • 4 - 1G SFP Interfaces
  • 1 - 1TB Storage
  • 1 - Manual
Optional Accessories
MFR ID: 3670343
Fluke Networks CSN/NTM-ATLAS. NTM Atlas Software Module Buy Now $8,434.78
MFR ID: 4042155
Fluke Networks GLD-NTMEX3-A 1-Yr. Gold Support for CSN/NTM-EX3 with ATLAS Buy Now $4,504.17
CSNNTMATLASPK Fluke Network CSN/NTM-ATLAS PK Atlas License Package Discontinued
MFR ID: 3670304
Fluke Networks CSN/NTM-REMSW-CD Distributed Agent Manager and Remote Viewer Discontinued
MFR ID: 3670158
Fluke Networks CSN/ACC-9022 10G Singlemode XFP's quantity 2 Buy Now $2,839.36
MFR ID: 3670164
Fluke Networks CSN/ACC-9032 10G Multimode XFP's quantity 2 Buy Now $1,419.15
MFR ID: 3670173
Fluke Networks CSN/ACC-9050 1G Singlemode SFP Transceiver Kit, quantity 2 Buy Now $773.89
MFR ID: 3670186
Fluke Networks CSN/ACC-9051 1G Multimode SFP Transceiver Kit, quantity 2 Buy Now $494.49
MFR ID: 3675580
Fluke Networks CSN/ACC-9055 1G Copper SFP Transceiver Kit, quantity 2 Buy Now $376.40
CSNCSNPROF2T Fluke Network CSN/CSN-PROF-2T Days onsite Professional Service (Domestic US Travel Include Discontinued
MFR ID: 2458231
Fluke Networks FTAP-9-50 Single-port Fiber Tap, 9 micron Singlemode 50/50 split Discontinued
MFR ID: 2670358
Fluke Networks FTAP-9-50-10G Single-port Fiber Tap, 9 micron Multimode 50/50 split 10 Gig Discontinued
MFR ID: 2458210
Fluke Networks FTAP-50-50 Single-port Fiber Tap, 50 micron Multimode 50/50 split Discontinued
MFR ID: 2670364
Fluke Networks FTAP-50-50-10G Single-port Fiber Tap, 50 micron Multimode 50/50 split 10 Gig Discontinued
MFR ID: 2822617
Fluke Networks TAP-10/100/1000 Copper Tap Kit Discontinued