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Fluke Networks 8240-04
CertiFiber Fiber Optic Tester,
Discontinued see: DTX-CLT

  • Tests two fibers at two wavelengths simultaneously with one-button Autotest
  • Cuts test time by over 75% versus a manual power meter and light source
  • Bidirectional loss-length testing certifies to multiple pre-programmed standards or custom settings
  • Interchangeable connector adapters allow testing with multiple connectors
  • Can function as a manual power meter or light source
  • Analyze test results and create professional test reports using LinkWare reporting software

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Look to CertiFiber to test more fibers in less time. With its one-button Autotest, CertiFiber allows you to measure fiber length and optical loss on two fibers at two wavelengths, compares the results to the selected industry standard and provides an instant PASS or FAIL indication. CertiFiber connects easily to all fiber networks with interchangeable connector adapters.

Interchangeable Connector Adapters
CertiFiber's interchangeable connector adapters permit simple network connection and a straightforward reference power measurement. Interchangeable connector adapters are available in the most popular connector styles: ST, SC, FC and 1.25mm universal.

Bi-directional Testing
Utilizing the 8240-04 CertiFiber's dual-fiber measurement method, when placed in bi-directional test mode, CertiFiber measures the fiber pair in one direction. It then prompts you to swap connections at the patch panel or outlet and proceeds to measure the fiber pair in the other direction. Unlike the traditional power meter and light source combination, you do not need to swap CertiFiber's main and remote test units, providing tremendous time-savings for each fiber link tested.

Using loopback mode, CertiFiber's main unit can function independently from the remote. Loopback mode is useful when measuring a single fiber on a reel or spool since both fiber ends must be near one another.

PASS/FAIL Analysis
CertiFiber takes the guesswork out of interpreting test results. The length and loss test results are automatically compared against a standard you selected. The 8240-04 CertiFiber instantly provides a clear PASS or FAIL indication for each fiber. The margin (or headroom) between the test measurement and standards limit is also presented.

You can certify your network to various industry standards. Select the appropriate standard from CertiFiber's built-in library. The library contains the most common standards including TIA-568, ISO 11801, 10BASE-X and 1000-BASE-SX and it allows you to create your own custom test standards.

Length and Loss Measurement
CertiFiber measures fiber length using the "time of flight" technique where an optical pulse is launched into the fiber under test. The time that it takes for that pulse to return to its launch point is measured. This round-trip travel time is also called propagation delay.

Since we know the speed of light in a fiber, it is simple to convert this time into a length measurement. The advantages of this length measurement technique include simplicity (no launch cables, no cursors to set) and accuracy, especially with short lengths (zero dead zone).

CertiFiber also measures optical power and loss at 850 nm and 1300 nm and reference measurements are easy to perform. Simply connect the main and remote units, press the Set Reference button, and the 8240-04 CertiFiber automatically measures and records the reference power for both fibers at both wavelengths.

One-button Autotest
CertiFiber cuts your test time by 75% over manual power meter techniques while certifying your fiber links in seconds with a touch of the Autotest button.

The transmitter ports of the main and remote CertiFiber units incorporate dual wavelength LED sources. Test both fibers at the multimode fiber transmission wavelengths of 850 nm and 1300 nm. Dual wavelength testing occurs automatically - no need to slow down to physically change transmitter adapters or manually toggle between wavelengths. CertiFiber auto-senses the transmitted wavelength, making testing even easier.

Every CertiFiber kit includes a pair of main and remote units. Both units incorporate transmitter and detector ports. This unique configuration enables testing of two fibers in a single operation. This design is ideal for testing typical fiber links - a pair of Tx/Rx fibers. CertiFiber is also suitable for testing dual-fiber Small Form Factor connector systems.

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824004 Fluke Networks 8240-04 Certifiber Kit, ICA Discontinued
see: DTX-CLT
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Remote
  • 1 - LinkWare Software
  • 1 - Carrying Case
  • 1 - DM9M to DB9F Serial Cable
  • 6 - "AA" Alkaline Batteries
  • 1 - Users Guide