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Fluke 291, 292, & 294
Arbitrary Waveform Generators

  • 1 (Fluke 291), 2 (Fluke 292) or 4 (Fluke 294) independent arbitrary channels
  • Additional DC to 50MHz fixed amplitude sine and squarewave outputs on 2- and 4-channel instruments
  • 100 MS/s 12-bit arbitrary waveform capability
  • 1 M point waveform memory
  • 40MHz function generator capabilities using DDS (50 MHz for square waves)
  • Output level 2.5 mV to 10 V p-p into 50 Ω with 12 bit vertical resolution
  • 10 ns pulse pattern generator
  • Waveform sequencing with up to 1024 segments
  • Unlimited waveform storage using CF® memory card
  • Waveform Manager Plus for Windows software
  • Compact Flash card for non-volatile waveform memory
  • Waveform linking, looping and sequencing
  • Inter-channel triggering, summing, modulation and phase control
  • USB interface in addition to RS-232 and GPIB
Click here for larger image - Fluke 291 292 294 Arbritrary Waveform GeneratorClick here for larger image - Fluke 291 292 294 Waveform Generator
Fluke 291 Shown

Click here for larger image - Fluke 291 292 294 Arbritrary Waveform GeneratorClick here for larger image - Fluke 291 292 294 Waveform Generator
Fluke 294 Shown

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Manual 2 MBPDF
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The Fluke 290 Series universal waveform generators combine many generators in one instrument. Their extensive signal simulation capabilities include arbitrary waveforms, function generator, pulse/pulse train generator, sweep generator, trigger generator, tone generator, and amplitude modulation source.

The Fluke 291, 292, 294 uses Direct Digital Synthesis techniques as well as variable clock sampling technology to provide a fully featured programmable function and arbitrary waveform capability.

The 291, 292 and 294 are 100 MS/s arbitrary waveform generators designed to handle real world requirements by test experts. These models can easily simulate complex signals while being easy to use, compact and affordable. On multi-channel units (Fluke 292, and Fluke 294) each channel can be operated fully independently, or multiple channels can be linked using simple or complex relationships.

Waveform Manager Plus software provides all the features needed for creation, manipulation and management of arbitrary waveforms within a single Windows based program

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Fluke 291, 292, 294 Specifications
Output channels 291 1
292 2
294 4
Maximum amplitude (into 50 W) 10 Vpp
Standard Sine maximum frequency 40 MHz
Square maximum frequency 50 MHz
Pulse maximum frequency 10 MHz
Noise Generator No
Frequency Accuracy 10 ppm
Arbitrary Waveforms Maximum Sampling Frequency 100 MS/s
Waveform length (points) 1 M
Waveform memory Removable Compact Flash Card
Vertical resolution 12 bits
Waveform sequencing (max. # of segments) 1024
Looping Yes
Operating Modes
Triggered Yes
Gated Yes
Burst Yes
Frequency Sweep Yes
Selectable Output Filter 40 MHz Elliptical
20 MHz Bessel
Modulation Source External dc-100 kHz
Modulation AM
Signal summing Yes
VCO/VCA input Yes
Phase Lock to External analog Signal Yes
Multi-unit phase lock Yes
GPIB interface Yes
RS-232 interface (conventional mode) Yes
Ethernet No
Waveform Software Waveform Manager Plus
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Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
291-U 115V Fluke 291-U 115 V Arbitrary Waveform Generators, 1 Channel Buy Now $4,065.00
292-U 115V Fluke 292-U 115 V Arbitrary Waveform Generators, 2 Channel Buy Now $6,150.00
294-U 115V Fluke 294-U 115 V Arbitrary Waveform Generators, 4 Channel Buy Now $8,930.00
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Quick start guide
  • 1 - User Manual
  • 1 - Power Cord
  • 1 - Driver File