Fluke VT04
14 °F to 482 °F Visual IR Thermometer with PyroBlend Plus optic

  • Detect issues instantly with built-in digital camera
  • No training required; Fully automatic with built-in intelligence
  • True pocket size design
  • Breakthrough affordability: Half the cost of infrared cameras that require training and software
  • Exclusive thermal heat map blending overlay
    • Blend digital and thermal images to instantly show the exact location of the issue
    • Blend between 0 %, 25 %, 50 %, 75 %, and full thermal with one button
  • Powerful resolution with PyroBlend Plus optics
    • Best-in-class field of view for tight spaces: 28° x 28°
    • Four times sharper images: VT04 compared to VT02
  • Alarm and time lapse features
    • Hi/Lo temperature alarm—Screen flashes if user-selected temperature is exceeded
    • Time lapse image capture—automatically capture images
    • Auto-monitor alarm — Automatically capture images after a user-selected temperature alarm has been triggered
  • True pocket size design; Forty percent smaller than entry-level infrared cameras
  • SmartView reporting software
  • Store up to 10,000 images per Gb on included SD card and make professional reports on included professional software
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Product Information
Datasheet 1.66 MB PDF
Software 1.23 MB PDF
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The Fluke VT04 is a groundbreaking Visual IR Thermometer that detects issues instantly by combining a built-in digital camera with a thermal heat map overlay.

The newest addition to the Visual IR thermometer family, the Fluke VT04 features PyroBlend Plus technology that delivers 4x sharper images for enhanced problem detection, best-in-class field of view, and powerful new alarm and auto monitoring features that detect stubborn, intermittent issues.

Key Applications for the Fluke VT04
Electrical Key Applications for the VT04: Electrical Detect heating of fuses, wires, insulators, connectors, splices, switches
Check temps of high-voltage equipment and transformers from a safe distance
Overloaded motors due to possible harmonic currents
HVAC Key Applications for the VT04: Electrical Check temp of furnace exteriors, stream traps, heat exchangers
Take suction line temps for superheat
Outlet/inlet air
Refrigeration equipment, freezers, AC condenser temps to look for blockages
Chiller input/output
Industrial Key Applications for the VT04: Electrical Rotating motors and other machinery
Motor starter relay contacts and overloads
Boiler operations and steam systems
Performance verifications
Automotive Key Applications for the VT04: Electrical Check Engine, Brakes and Heating/Cooling systems
Performance verification
Exhaust system

The Fluke VT 04 Visual IR Thermometer offers a varity of benefits for the user. The Fluke VT-04's thermal heat map overlay gives thermal context to a digital image. Additionally, the Fluke VT04 Visual IR Thermometer adds 4x sharper resolution for better thermal inspection capabilities when more detail is required.

The Fluke Visual IR Thermometer saves a blended infrared and visual image with every images capture instantly. The Fluke VT04 adds best-in-class field-of-view to see more instantly and to work in tight spaces.

Half the issue is detecting where a hot or cold marker started. After locating a hot or cold spot, the user can save the image with the temperature reading andpinpoint the exact location using the blending between full thermal to full visual.

The Fluke VT/04 Visual IR Thermometer Hi/Lo Temp Alarm signals when the center point temperature measurement breaches a user determined threshold. Simply set the desired temperature alarm point and scan the target area and watch for the alarm to trigger.

The Fluke VT-04 has two powerful automated monitoring features that take images at a set duration or when the temperature alarm is triggered. This allows for unattended monitoring, making it useful in comparing machinery over time and troubleshooting stubborn intermittent issues.

Built-in digital camera Included
Image optics system PyroBlend Plus optic (4x sharper image than VT02)
Field of view 28° x 28°
Hi-Lo temperature alarms Screen flashes if user-selected temperature is exceeded
Time lapse image capture Automatically capture images
Auto-monitor alarm Automatically capture images after a user-selected temperature alarm has been triggered
Battery type Li-Ion rechargeable
Ergonomics Slim pocket-sized design
measurement range
-10°C to +250°C (14°F to 482°F)
Temperature measurement accuracy ±2°C or ±2%
Temperature measurement Yes, centerpoint
Storage medium (micro SD card) Stores up to 10,000 images per Gb (Four (4) Gb card included)
Infrared spectral band 6.5 μm to 14 µm
Level and span Auto
Focus mechanism Focus free, no training required with built-in intelligence
Focus options—exclusive user selectable NEAR/FAR options NEAR > 23 cm (9 in); FAR > 23 cm (9 in)
Dimensions 8.3 in x 3 in x 2.2 in (21 cm x 7.5 cm x 5.5)
File format .is2 format saved to SD card. User can create professional reports or export images in SmartView (BMP, DIB, GIF, SPE, FIF, SPEG, JPG, PNG, TIF and TIFF)
Safety and compliance CFR47: 2009 Class A. Part 15 subpart B; CE: EN 61326:2006; IEC/EN 61010-1:2010
Warranty 2 Years
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MFR ID: 4366444
Fluke VT04 10°C to +250°C Visual IR Thermometer with PyroBlend Plus optic Buy Now Sale $494.96
(Reg. $549.95)
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Included Accessories
  • 1 - Hard Case
  • 1 - Micro SD card, 4 Gb
  • 1 - Micro SD conversion adaptor to standard
  • 1 - Wall plug with worldwide adaptors (US, UK, Europe, Australia)
  • 1 - USB to micro USB cable
  • 1 - Lanyard
  • 1 - Printed quick start guides (EN, FR, DE, ES, Simplified Chinese)
  • 1 - SmartView Analysis and reporting software CD
  • 1 - Manual and Quick Start Guide on CD (21 languages)
Optional Accessories
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