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Fluke 576
Photographic Non-Contact Thermometer
See: Fluke 574

Infrared temperature measurement with digital photos

  • Capture up to 100 photos of measured object
  • Emissivity table
  • Date or Time
  • Signal processing: MAX, MIN, DIF, AVG
  • Displays probe temperature thermocouple K (TCK)
  • Audible/visible high & low alarms
  • 100 Data logging points
  • Customizable log locations
  • Graphical display of IR and contact probe
  • Simple field calibration
  • Create .jpg files with photo, temperature and date/time stamp
  • Snap photos in real time when alarm exceeded when monitoring
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The proof is in the picture!

Any infrared thermometer can measure temperature, but only the Fluke 576 thermometer measures temperature while digitally photographing the measured area and its surroundings. Temperature measurement locations are instantly captured in a digital photo with a time and date stamp in the image. The laser sighting pinpoints the exact measurement location, without the need for a view finder. Make sure the inspection was done properly. Download images and data to the PC software and double-check all work. Ensure consistency of repeated measurements by using prior photos as a reference—position the laser sighting as shown in the photo to assure the measurement area is the same. Create customized company reports with the software, data and photos. Just insert information from Fluke 576 data files into reports for fast, professional results. 

Model Fluke 576
Temperature Range -30 to 900 ºC (–25 to 1600 ºF)
Distance to spot size
at 90% energy
60:1 [50:1 with close focus option]
Laser sighting

3-dot, coaxial




± 0.75% of reading or ± 0.75 ºC (± 1.5 ºF)
(whichever is greater over the balance of the range)

Response time

250 mSec

Display hold (7 seconds)
LCD backlit
MAX, MIN, DIF, AVG temperatures
DIF, AVG temperatures
HI/LO alarm
Bar graph display
100-point data logging
Max Number of 640 X 480 pixel photos (VGA) 26
Max Number of 320 X 240 pixel photos (VGA) 100
Image file format JPEG (.jpg)
Protective hard case
Weight and dimensions 580 g (1 lb 4 oz.) and
16.7 x 5 x 23.8 cm
(6.58 x 1.97 x 9.57 in)
Power 2 AA Batteries / USB
Battery life (alkaline) 8 hours (13 hours with photographic mode off
50 photos with flash; 200 without flash
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
576FLUKE Fluke 576 Precision Photographic Infrared Thermometer with logging software Discontinued
See: Fluke 574
576CF Fluke 576-CF Precision Photographic Infrared Thermometer with logging software and Close Focus Discontinued
See: Fluke 574
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Hard Carrying Case
  • 2 - "AA" Batteries
  • 1 - Type K Probe
  • 1 - Software CD
  • 1 - USB Cable
  • 1 - Users Manual