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Fluke TiR2 and Fluke TiR2-FT
Thermal Imagers
See: TIR3FT Series

  • Industry Leading Thermal Sensitivity (≤0.050 °C NETD) Provides Solid Resolution, And Ultra High-Quality Images
  • IR-Fusion Technology Automatically Merges Visual And Thermal Images Pinpointing Trouble Areas Quicker By Automatically Relating Thermal Images With The Real World (Included With TiR2-FT, Optional With TIR2)
  • The 180° Articulating Lens Is Great For Viewing Around Obstructions
  • The 5" High Resolution, High Contrast Display Is The Biggest Display In The Industry
  • 160 x 120 Focal Plane Array And 20mm High Quality Germanium Lens With Continuous Single Finger Focus Provide Exceptional Image Resolution
  • SmartView Professional Report Writing Software Generates Fast, Easy, Customizable Reports Including Rich Image Analysis
  • The Intuitive Operation With On-Camera Windows CE Interface Makes It Easy To Use
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The new Fluke TiR2, TiR3 and TiR4 thermal imagers are for professionals demanding the best solutions in building diagnostics applications. The Fluke TiR-Series provides the industry's largest LCD to view on-camera images, augmented with the innovative IR-Fusion™ technology to better pinpoint building problems. IR-Fusion is the overlay of IR and visible images, allowing one to clearly identify critical points within the thermal image.
The primary diagnostic procedure for determining the thermal performance of a building envelope is infrared thermography.  It can be used to identify heating and cooling loss due to poor construction, missing or inadequate insulation and moisture intrusion.  Correcting the defects plays a significant role in increasing building efficiency and structural integrity.

Thermography can identify surface temperature variations of the building envelope, which relates to problems in the structure, thermal bridging, moisture content and air leakage. 

Common Building Diagnostics Applications Are:

Roofing Surveys Energy Audits
Roofing Surveys Energy Audits
Moisture Remediation
Moisture Remediation
  • Roofing Surveys
    • Detect wet insulation in flat-roof systems quickly and efficiently
  • Energy Audits
    • Perform infrared energy audits for residential and commercial applications
  • Moisture/Restoration
    • Accurately detect moisture issues located behind exterior and interior walls, in ceilings or under carpet covered floors
  • Mold Remediation
    • Control mold by finding unknown sources of moisture that would otherwise go undetected. Infrared scanning is the fastest most efficient way to provide 100% moisture detection coverage
  TiR4-FT TiR4 TiR3-FT TiR3 TiR2-FT TiR2 TiR1 TiR
High-Resolution, Low Noise VOx Detector

320 x 240

160 x 120

Temperature Range

-20 to +100°C

High Thermal Sensitivity

≤0.05 °C

≤0.07 °C

≤0.1 °C

180° Articulating Flexible Lens
Interchangeable Lenses    
3.6" Color LCD            
5" Color LCD    
Windows CE Based Menu Structure
Multiple User Profiles    
CompactFlash memory Cards    
SD memory Cards            
SmartView Software Included
On-board Analysis Functions        
User Defined Test Annotations        
Built-in Visible Light (Digital) Camera          
IR/Visible Alarm Function      
Laser Pointer          
Flash and Torchlight          
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
TIR2FT1020 Fluke TIR2/FT-10/20 IR Flexcam BD Thermal Imager, RAD,FUSN, 10.5/20MM Discontinued
See: TIR3FT Series
TIR2FT20 Fluke TIR2/FT-20 IR Flexcam BD Thermal Imager, RAD, FUSION, 20 MM Discontinued
See: TIR3FT Series

Included Accessories

  • Heavy-Duty Carrying Case
  • 2 Rechargeable Battery Packs
  • Battery Charger
  • AC Adapter
  • Video Cable
  • 512 MB Compact Flash Card
  • USB Cable
  • PCMCIA Compact Flash Card Reader
  • Neck Strap
  • SmartView Reporting And Analysis Software