Fluke FLK-TI400 60HZ/FCA
TI400 Thermal Imager Fluke Connect Kit

  • Comes with the Ti400 Thermal Imager 60Hz and included accessories as well as the 3000 FC DMM, and A3001FC IFlex clamp module
  • Only Fluke Connect gives you instant access to critical data—unlike any other camera on the market to keep your facility up and running - Send measurements directly from the inspection site to your boss or client and get answers and approvals instantly
  • Detect and communicate issues faster with patented Fluke IR-Fusion technology with AutoBlend mode
  • Faster communication with wireless image transfer directly to your PC, Apple iPhone or iPad
  • One-handed, easy-to-use user interface
  • Ruggedized high resolution 640x480 capacitive touch screen for quick menu navigation
  • Capture additional digital images to show location or additional site details with IR-PhotoNotes Annotation System
  • Standard and radiometric video recording
  • Streaming video (USB and HDMI)
  • Text and voice recording and annotation gets additional details saved with the image file
  • Optional interchangeable lenses for greater flexibility in additional applications
  • High-temperature measurement (up to 1200 °C on the Ti400)
  • Included SmartView and SmartView Mobile App Analysis and Reporting Software
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Product Information
Datasheet 1.80 MB PDF
Manual 1.93 MB PDF
Software 1.23 MB PDF
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The Fluke FLK-TI400 60HZ/FCA Thermal Imager Fluke Connect Kit is equipped with LaserSharp Auto Focus. Yes, there are other auto focus systems on the market but Fluke took it one step further so you get consistently in-focus images, Every. Single. Time. Every infrared camera user knows that focus is the single most important aspect to ensure when conducting an infrared inspection. Without an in-focus image temperature measurements may not be accurate and it’s much easier to miss a problem. LaserSharp Auto Focus tells you exactly where you are focusing. The FLK-TI400-60HZ/FCA uses a laser to calculate the distance to your target before it focuses. Place the red laser dot on the object you are inspecting, then pull and release the trigger for a perfect in-focus image.

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All the facts, right in the field.

Fluke Connect with ShareLive™ video call is the only wireless measurement system that lets you stay in contact with your entire team without leaving the field. The Fluke Connect mobile app is available for Android™ (4.3 and up) and iOS (4s and later) and works with over 20 different Fluke products—the largest suite of connected test tools in the world. And more are on the way. Make the best decisions faster than ever before by viewing all temperature, mechanical, electrical and vibration measurements for each equipment asset in one place. Get started saving time and increasing your productivity.
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Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
TI400 60HZ/FCA
MFR ID: 4474237
Fluke TI400 60HZ/FCA Thermal Imaging Camera Kit, w/Fluke Connect, 3000FC Multimeter, and A3001 iFlex Buy  Now $8,799.95
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Included Accessories
  • 1 - Thermal imager with standard infrared lens
  • 1 - AC power supply and battery pack charger (including mains adapters)
  • 1 - Rugged lithium ion smart battery packs
  • 1 - Micro SD memory card with SD adapter
  • 1 - USB cable
  • 1 - HDMI video cable
  • 1 - SmartView software available via free download
  • 1 - Rugged, hard carrying case
  • 1 - Soft transport bag
  • 1 - Adjustable hand strap
  • 1 - Printed users manual (five languages)
  • 1 - CD user manual
  • 1 - Warranty registration card
  • 1 - 3000FC DMM
  • 1 - iflex current clamp module
Optional Accessories
MFR ID: 4401588
Fluke FLK-A3000 FC 400A, Wireless AC Current Clamp Module Buy  Now Sale $189.99
(Reg. $199.99)
MFR ID: 4459439
Fluke FLK-A3001 FC 2500A, Wireless iFlex AC Current Module Buy  Now Sale $224.99
(Reg. $249.99)
MFR ID: 4459442
Fluke FLK-A3002 FC Wireless AC/DC Current Module for i410/i1010 current clamps Buy  Now $129.99
MFR ID: 4401556
Fluke FLK-V3000 FC Wireless True-rms AC Voltage Module Buy  Now Sale $166.05
(Reg. $199.99)
MFR ID: 4459421
Fluke FLK-V3001 FC Wireless DC Voltage Module Buy  Now $199.99
MFR ID: 4401563
Fluke FLK-T3000 FC Wireless K-Type Temperature Module Buy  Now $199.99
MFR ID: 4401602
Fluke FLK-PC3000 FC Adapter and Software, enables Fluke Connect on PC Buy  Now $99.99
MFR ID: 4335350
Fluke FLK-LENS/TELE2 Infrared Telephoto Lens, 12° x 9° FOV for the Fluke Ti200, Ti300, and Ti400 Buy  Now $1,299.99
MFR ID: 4335361
Fluke FLK-LENS/WIDE2 Infrared Wide Angle Lens, 46° x 34° FOV for the Fluke Ti200, Ti300, and Ti400 Buy  Now $1,299.99
MFR ID: 3039779
Fluke TI-CAR CHARGER Adapter for Charger Buy  Now Sale $114.39
(Reg. $129.99)
MFR ID: 4335377
Fluke FLK-Ti-VISOR3 Sun Visor for the Fluke Ti200, Ti300, and Ti400 Thermal Imager Buy  Now Sale $70.95
(Reg. $79.99)
MFR ID: 3413459
Fluke BOOK-ITP Introduction to Thermography Principles Buy  Now Sale $27.29
(Reg. $29.99)
MFR ID: 4335389
Fluke FLK-Ti-TRIPOD3 Tripod Mount Base Accessory/Holder for Fluke Ti200, Ti300, and Ti400 Buy  Now Sale $87.99
(Reg. $99.99)
MFR ID: 3440365
Fluke TI-SBP3 Smart Battery Pack Buy  Now Sale $114.95
(Reg. $129.99)