Fluke 124/003
40 MHz, 2 Ch, Industrial ScopeMeter
See: 124BNA

  • 40 MHz Bandwidth, 25 MS/s
  • Two Channels, Scope or DMM mode
  • 5 mV to 500 V/div
  • 60 s to 20 ns/div
  • NTSC, PAL, SECAM video triggering
  • True-RMS DMM with 5000 count / 0.5% accuracy
  • 2 Channel TrendPlot for recording trends and intermittents
  • Optical RS-232 port for connection to PC's
  • Connect-And-View allows for quick hands-off operation
  • Improved Battery Charge Process
  • Lightweight (2.5 lb./1.2 kg.)
  • Accessory recommendations for measurements
    over 42V peak (>30V RMS)
Fluke 124B/NA 40 MHz 2 Ch, 40 MS/s Industrial Scopemeter, Hand-Held OscilloscopeClick for larger image
Fluke 124B/NA Shown

Product Information
Datasheet 283 KB PDF
Manual 1.9 MB PDF
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The compact ScopeMeter Fluke 124003 offers the rugged solution for industrial troubleshooting and installation applications. It's a truly integrated test tool, with oscilloscope, multimeter and "paperless" recorder in one affordable, easy-to-use instrument. Find fast answers to problems in machinery, instrumentation, control and power systems.

A three-in-one tool

Dual-input measurement shows both meter reading and waveform at the same time today’s need of simultaneously The ScopeMeter 124/003 combines a 40 MHz dual input digital storage oscilloscope, two true-RMS digital multimeters and a dual input TrendPlot™ recorder all in a compact, battery powered instrument. Leave all other test tools behind, the ScopeMeter 124003 is the only tool you’ll need.

One test lead measures all

Check the starting capacitor of a motor using the ScopeMeter 124-003 High frequency waveform, meter, capacitance and resistance-measurements as well as continuity checks are all covered by the shielded test leads. No time wasted finding or swapping leads. The included accessories allow hook-up at test objects of every dimension.

The confidence to do a better job

Open the measure menu and select from 26 scope- and meter-measurements Working under time pressure and in cramped or difficult to reach locations means you want to focus on the job at hand, not on the test tool in your hand. Which is why the ScopeMeter 124-003 has Connect-and-View automatic triggering.You don’t have to worry about triggering and instrument settings, and you have all the information on screen to do the job right.

Battery powered mobility

Up to seven hours of battery operation frees you from mains outlets for true on-the-move working. The handheld format and the weight of just 1.2 kg, make the instrument easy to carry and to fit comfortably in your hand. The rugged and drip proof case assures long life and reliable operation in the harshest industrial environments.

Floating measurements, safety certified

Connect-and-View captures even the most complex motor drive signals While conventional oscilloscopes can only make measurements referenced to power line ground, the ScopeMeter 124/003 makes floating measurements so there is no risk of an accidental ground short circuit when making a connection. The ScopeMeter 124-003 and the included shielded test leads are safety certified for measurements on 600 V CAT III industrial power systems. And using the VPS40 probe, measurements up to 1000 V CAT II re fully supported! Via the optically isolated RS-232 or USB interface, the ScopeMeter 124 can be safely connected to a printer for direct print-out or to a PC for later analysis and documentation using FlukeView software.

Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
MFR ID: 2064060
Fluke 124/003 40 MHz, 2 Ch, 25 MS/s, Industrial ScopeMeter Discontinued
See: 124BNA
Factory Refurbished Units
123003U Refurbished SpecialFluke 123/003U 20 MHz Industrial ScopeMeter, Refurbished
Does NOT include SCC120 Kit
Please Call
123003SU Refurbished SpecialFluke 123/003SU 20 MHz Industrial ScopeMeter with SCC120 Kit, Refurbished Please Call
Included Accessories
  • AC120 Alligator Clips
  • BB120 Shielded BNC Adapter
  • PM8907 Line Adapter/Charger
  • STL120 Shielded Test Leads Set
  • VPS40 Voltage Probe, 40 MHz, 10:1
  • User's Manual (CD-ROM)
Optional Accessories
Batteries, Chargers & Adapters
MFR ID: 3379374
Fluke BHT190 Break-Out Adapter for Industrial Bus Connections, DB-9 and M-12 Buy Now Sale $539.99
(Reg. $599.99)
MFR ID: 2544081
Fluke BP120MH 4.8V, 3000 mAh NiMH Rechargeable Battery Pack for 43, 43B, & 123 Buy Now Sale $114.39
(Reg. $129.99)
MFR ID: 614039
Fluke PM8907/808 Power Battery Charger - Universal Buy Now Sale $114.39
(Reg. $129.99)
Cables and Hardware
MFR ID: 646171
Fluke BB120 Shielded Banana to Female BNC Adapter, 2 pack Buy Now Sale $32.39
(Reg. $39.99)
MFR ID: 2166266
Fluke OC4USB Optically Isolated Serial to USB Interface Cable Buy Now Sale $165.99
(Reg. $199.99)
MFR ID: 935601
Fluke PM9092/001 Safety Designed Coax Cable Buy Now Sale $72.89
(Reg. $89.99)
Cases and Holsters
MFR ID: 646189
Fluke C120 Hard Carrying Case with Accessory Storage Compartments Buy Now Sale $114.39
(Reg. $129.99)
MFR ID: 646858
Fluke C125 Zippered Soft Carrying Case with Detachable External Pouch Buy Now Sale $34.39
(Reg. $39.99)
MFR ID: 1663230
Fluke C43 Soft Carrying Case, Vinyl, Black/Yellow Buy Now Sale $67.99
(Reg. $79.99)
MFR ID: 946694
Fluke C789 Soft Carrying Case with 3 Compartments, Removable Handle and Shoulder Strap Buy Now Sale $113.39
(Reg. $139.99)
Current Clamps
MFR ID: 114519
Fluke 80I-110S AC/DC Current Clamp Buy Now Sale $719.99
(Reg. $799.99)
MFR ID: 1568487
Fluke i1000s 1000 Amp AC Current Clamp Buy Now Sale $517.49
(Reg. $574.99)
MFR ID: 617735
Fluke I1010 600AAC/1000ADC AC/DC Current Clamp Buy Now Sale $382.49
(Reg. $424.99)
MFR ID: 664760
Fluke i200S 200A AC Current Clamp, with BNC to banana adapter Buy Now Sale $224.99
(Reg. $249.99)
MFR ID: 657202
Fluke i3000s 3000A AC iFlex Flexible Current Probe Buy Now Sale $562.49
(Reg. $624.99)
I3000S FLEX-24
MFR ID: 2584888
Fluke i3000S Flex-24 3000 Amps AC Current Clamp, 610 mm (24 in.) Buy Now Sale $472.49
(Reg. $524.99)
I3000S FLEX-36
MFR ID: 2584901
Fluke I3000S FLEX-36 3000A 36 inch AC iFlex Flexible Current Probe Buy Now Sale $562.49
(Reg. $624.99)
MFR ID: 2584935
Fluke I30S 20AAC/30ADC AC/DC Current Clamp, with BNC to Dual Banana Adapter Buy Now Sale $562.49
(Reg. $624.99)
MFR ID: 2840309
Fluke i310s 300AAC/450ADC AC/DC Current Clamp, with BNC to Dual Banana Adapter Buy Now Sale $404.99
(Reg. $449.99)
MFR ID: 2277202
Fluke i400s 400 Amp AC Current Clamp with BNC. Switchable, 40 Amp & 400 Amp, Ranges Buy Now Sale $260.99
(Reg. $289.99)
MFR ID: 617727
Fluke i410 400A AC/DC Current Clamp Buy Now Sale $242.99
(Reg. $269.99)
MFR ID: 2508467
Fluke I5S 5A AC Current Probe Buy Now Sale $517.49
(Reg. $574.99)
Extended Warranty CarePlans
MFR ID: 4112811
Fluke G3P-GROUP3 Gold CarePlan - Extends warranty from 3 to 5 yrs & includes annual NIST calibration Buy Now Sale $764.99
(Reg. $849.99)
MFR ID: 4112848
Fluke S3P-GROUP3 Silver CarePlan - Extends warranty from three to five years Buy Now Sale $197.99
(Reg. $219.99)
Fiber Optic
MFR ID: 200428
Fluke FOM Fiber Optic Power Meter Buy Now Sale $472.49
(Reg. $524.99)
MC6 Fluke MC6 Meter Cleaner Wipes (6-pack) Buy Now Sale $17.19
(Reg. $19.99)
MFR ID: 2092300
Fluke MC50 Meter cleaner wipes (50-pack) Buy Now Sale $87.99
(Reg. $99.99)
MFR ID: 646684
Fluke SCC120E Software and Cable Carrying Case Buy Now Sale $404.99
(Reg. $449.99)
Pressure and Vacuum
MFR ID: 919811
Fluke PV350 Digital Pressure Vacuum Module Buy Now Sale $427.49
(Reg. $474.99)
MFR ID: 3894923
Fluke SW90W FlukeView ScopeMeter Software For the Fluke ScopeMeter 190 & 120 Series Buy Now Sale $269.99
(Reg. $299.99)
MFR ID: 2098684
Fluke 80PK-22 SureGrip Immersion Temperature Probe, Type-K Thermocouple, -40 to 1090°C Buy Now Sale $80.99
(Reg. $99.99)
MFR ID: 2098691
Fluke 80PK-24 SureGrip Air Temperature Probe, Type-K Thermocouple, -40 to 816°C Buy Now Sale $103.19
(Reg. $119.99)
MFR ID: 2098714
Fluke 80PK-26 SureGrip Tapered Temperature Probe, Type-K Thermocouple, -40 to 816°C Buy Now Sale $103.19
(Reg. $119.99)
MFR ID: 2098706
Fluke 80PK-25 SureGrip Piercing Temperature Probe, Type-K Thermocouple, -40 to 260°C Buy Now Sale $104.39
(Reg. $119.99)
MFR ID: 874610
Fluke 80PK-3A Surface Probe, Type-K Thermocouple, 0 to 260°C Buy Now Sale $135.84
(Reg. $159.99)
MFR ID: 200360
Fluke 80PK-8 Pipe Clamp Temperature Probe, Type-K Thermocouple,-29 to 149 °C Buy Now Sale $150.95
(Reg. $179.99)
MFR ID: 736736
Fluke 80TK Type K Thermocouple Conversion Module Buy Now Sale $131.99
(Reg. $149.99)
MFR ID: 3190456
Fluke 80T-150UA Universal Temperature Probe Buy Now Sale $242.99
(Reg. $269.99)
Test Leads, Probes and Clips
MFR ID: 646163
Fluke AC120 Alligator Clips, (one red, one gray, one black) Buy Now Sale $32.39
(Reg. $39.99)
MFR ID: 3894880
Fluke AS400 Probe Accessory Extension Set for the VPS400 and VPS200-II Probes Buy Now Sale $114.95
(Reg. $129.99)
MFR ID: 1616807
Fluke BP980 4mm Double Banana Plug Kit, 5 pairs (Red and Black) Buy Now Sale $36.76
(Reg. $44.99)
MFR ID: 646668
Fluke HC120 Hook Clips, (one red, one gray) Buy Now Sale $34.95
(Reg. $44.99)
MFR ID: 1616818
Fluke H900 Test Lead Holder, 10 Slots, Yellow Buy Now Sale $19.49
(Reg. $24.99)
MFR ID: 646676
Fluke ITP120 Optically Isolated External Trigger Probe for Fluke ScopeMeter 120-Series Discontinued
MFR ID: 4023947
Fluke RS120-III Replacement Accessories for the STL120-III and VPS40-III Buy Now Sale $114.39
(Reg. $129.99)
SCC 128
MFR ID: 2100199
Fluke SCC-128 Automotive Accessory Kit for the 120 Series Buy Now Sale $719.99
(Reg. $799.99)
MFR ID: 201233
Fluke STL90 Industrial Shielded Test Lead Kit for Fluke Scopemeters Buy Now Sale $224.99
(Reg. $249.99)
MFR ID: 614187
Fluke TAS90 Shielded Test Lead Accessory Set Buy Now Sale $66.11
(Reg. $79.99)
MFR ID: 2003625
Fluke TL220 Suregrip Industrial Test Lead Set (Red/Black) Buy Now Sale $64.79
(Reg. $79.99)
MFR ID: 2003602
Fluke TL221 Suregrip Silicone Test Lead Extension Kit (Red/Black) Buy Now Sale $26.39
(Reg. $29.99)
MFR ID: 1610198
Fluke TL224 SureGrip Silicone Insulated Test Leads (Red/Black) Buy Now Sale $24.29
(Reg. $29.99)
MFR ID: 1590606
Fluke TL40 300V/3A CAT III Retractable Tip Test Lead Set (Red/Black) Buy Now Sale $39.14
(Reg. $44.99)
MFR ID: 1274382
Fluke TL71 1000V/10A CAT II Premium Test Lead Set (Red/Black) Buy Now Sale $24.29
(Reg. $29.99)
MFR ID: 1277073
Fluke TL81A Deluxe Test Lead Set, 300V, Pouch, 22 Pc. (Red/Black) Buy Now Sale $128.29
(Reg. $149.99)
MFR ID: 1616632
Fluke TL910 1000V/3A, CAT II Electronic Test Probe Set (Red/Black) Buy Now Sale $53.89
(Reg. $69.99)
MFR ID: 4023920
Fluke VPS40-III 10:1, 1000V CAT III, 600V CAT IV Voltage Probe, 1.2m, Black Buy Now Sale $132.95
(Reg. $149.99)