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Fluke 196C and Fluke 199C
Color ScopeMeters

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  • 1 00 MHz (Fluke 196C/003) or 200 MHz (Fluke 199C/003) Bandwidths
  • Increased waveform acquisition memory depth of 3k points per input
  • Advanced Trigger Function
  • Frequency Spectrum Analysis using FFT
  • Advanced waveform mathematics for adding, subtracting and multiplying waveforms
  • A versus B waveform display for advanced signal analysis
  • Automatic rise and fall time measurement
  • Improved Trend Plot scaling
  • Improved Voltage Readings stability
  • Pass/Fail testing with reference waveform
  • 2mV sensitivity
  • Color for easy identification of individual waveforms
  • Full-size, high-resolution screen for revealing more signal detail
  • Digital Persistence for analyzing complex dynamic waveforms like on an analog scope
  • Fast display update rate for seeing dynamic behavior instantaneously
  • Stop-on-Trigger in ScopeRecord™ mode for storing and analyzing pre-trigger waveform data
  • Waveform reference for visual comparisons
  • Vpwm function for motor drive and frequency inverter applications
  • Up to 200 MHz bandwidth
  • Up to 2.5 GS/s real time sampling
  • Connect-and-View™ triggering for an instant stable waveform
  • Automatic capture and replay of last 100 screens
  • Isolated inputs (1000 V CAT II/600 V CAT III)
  • 4 hours battery operation
Featured Functions
Real Time Sampling With a maximum real-time sampling rate of 2.5 GS/s per input, you can see what really happens, with 400 ps resolution. Both inputs have their own digitizer, so you can simultaneously acquire two waveforms and analyze them with the highest resolution and detail. If an anomaly flashes by on the screen, just press the Replay button to see it again. And thanks to the wider screen, you will always see a 12 divisions time window giving a far better overview of what’s happening both before and after the trigger event!
See what’s really happening
Deeper waveform acquisition memory The waveform memory of all oscilloscopes in both the 190B and 190C Series has been enlarged to allow as many as 3000 samples per channel to be acquired. You can use the ZOOM function to find tiny details in a long waveform, for example, the color burst in a video signal or a single impulse in a complex data-stream. All models also allow the high-resolution waveforms to be transferred to a PC for later detailed analysis using FlukeView® ScopeMeter software.
Deeper waveform acquisition memory
Easier identification of traces, everywhere The full-color display makes identification of individual waveforms easier, particularly when displaying large amplitude or multiple overlapping wave-forms on screen. On-screen color labels, measurements and warnings are clearly linked to specific waveforms.
Dynamic signal behavior instantaneously The Digital Persistence mode (Fluke 190C) helps to find anomalies and to analyze complex dynamic signals by showing the waveforms amplitude distribution over time. Digital Persistence uses multiple intensity levels and user selectable decay time—it’s as if you’re looking at the display of an analog, real-time oscilloscope! The fast display update rate that’s standard on all models reveals signal changes instantaneously, useful for instance when making adjustments to a system under test.
See dynamic signal behavior instantaneously
Frequency spectrum analysis All 190C color ScopeMeter models now include Frequency Spectrum Analy-sis functionality based on Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) analysis as a standard feature. This enables you to identify the individual frequency components contained in a signal. The spectrum analysis function is also handy for revealin g the effects of vibration, signal interference or crosstalk. An automatic window function assures optimal window-ing, although you may manually select your preferred time window.
Frequency spectrum analysis
Advanced trigger modes The ScopeMeter 190 Series simplifies triggering with Connect-and-View™ automatic triggering. Two new modes —“n-cycle triggering” and “dual-slope triggering”—have been added to the Fluke 190C Series to help you isolate the phenomena of interest. N-cycle triggering ensures you get a stable live image of a signal, for example, in-frequency dividers and clocked (synchronous) digital systems, or to synchronize on bursts of pulses. Dual-slope triggering enables the oscilloscopes to trigger on both rising and falling edges alike. This means that any edge in the signal will act as a trigger event and initiate a new waveform acquisition, a most useful capability when making eye-patterns from digital data-streams, or in conjunction with single-shot phenomena. Manual modes include edge, delay, video and pulse width triggering. A fully isolated external trigger input is included for troubleshooting time relationships between two input signals synchronized to a third signal.
Advanced trigger modes
Cursor-limited automatic measurement ScopeMeter 190C and 190B features 30 automatic measurements, cursors, zoom and real-time clock. Now automatic power and Vrms-measurements can be performed on a specific, user identified portion of the waveform using the cursors of the Fluke 190C to define the time-window of inter-est. In this way, the ScopeMeter 190C measures the power within a specified time span, or the rms-value of a volt-age during a dedicated period of time.
Cursor-limited automatic measurement
Waveform Pass/Fail Testing “Waveform reference” allows an acquired trace to be stored and designated “reference trace” for visual comparisons, or it can be used as the reference for automatic “Pass/Fail” testing (190C). Up to 100 individually matching (“Pass”) or non-matching (“Fail”) waveforms can be stored in the replay memory, allowing you to monitor your system‘s behavior over a long period of time, without having to be present!
Waveform Pass/Fail Testing
Automatic capture and replay of 100 screens Scope users know how frustrating it is to see a one-time anomaly flash. Not with the ScopeMeter 190 Series! Now you can look back in time with a touch of the replay button. In normal use, the instru-ment continuously memorizes the last 100 screens. Each time a new screen is acquired, the oldest is discarded. At any moment, you can “freeze” the last 100 screens and scroll through picture-by-picture or replay as a “live” animation. Cursors can be used for further analysis. Use the advanced trigger capabilities to capture up to 100 specific events. Two sets of 100 captured screens with individual time stamps can be stored for later recall or download to a PC.
Automatic capture and replay of 100 screens
Measure from mV to kV— fully isolated and safely The ScopeMeter 190C and 190B series have three independently floating isolated inputs. While conventional oscilloscopes can only make measurements referenced to the line power ground, measurements on each of the Fluke ScopeMeter 190 series inputs can be referenced to a different “low” level. This enables measurements in mixed circuits having different ground references, and also eliminates the risk of accidental ground short circuits. All inputs are safety certified for measure-ments in 1000 V CAT II and 600 V CAT III environments. And the standard probes cover a wide application range from mV to kV, making the 190C and 190B ScopeMeter ideal for micro electronics to electrical applications.
Measure from mV to kV— fully isolated and safely
Use TrendPlot to help find intermittents, fast The ScopeRecord memory stores 27,500 points per input or more, for high- resolution recording of events up to 48 hours, and captures fast intermittents and glitches as short as 50 ns. This continuous roll mode stores events like motion profiles, UPS, power supply and motor start-ups. All models also have a “Stop-on-Trigger” in the ScopeRecord mode, allowing the ScopeMeter to store waveform data until the instrument is triggered or until a repetitive trigger signal is interrupted. This way, the instrument will automatically recognize a power failure and store the waveform data preceding it. With 100 x zoom, you can look at the small-est details, like individual power cycles. Two of these 27,500 point recordings can be stored for later analysis.
Deep memory for high-resolution ScopeRecord
Deep memory for high-resolution ScopeRecord FlukeView Software and the optically isolated interface cable come as separate items, or as part of the special value SCC-Kit. This kit contains:
• FlukeView Software (SW90W)
• Optically Isolated Interface Cable (for USB)
• Protective Hard-Shell Carrying Case (C190 or C120)
The SCC-kit can be ordered separately, or with the main instrument by adding an “S” to the main instrument type number, e.g., Fluke 199C/S (see Ordering Information on back cover for more detailed information).
Use TrendPlot to help find intermittents, fast
Connect-and-View triggering for an instant, stable display Scope users know how difficult trig-gering can be. Incorrect settings show unstable and sometimes incorrect results. The unique Connect-and-View function recognizes signal patterns and automatically sets up correct triggering. It provides a stable, reliable and repeat-able display of virtually any signal, including motor drive and control signals, without touching a button. Signal changes are instantly recog-nized and settings adjusted for a stable display. Benefit from the speed and convenience when measuring a number of test-points in quick succession.
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
Obsolete Models
196C003 100 MHz Color ScopeMeter Discontinued
see: 190102
196C003S 100 MHz Color ScopeMeter with SCC Kit (FlukeView Software, Interface Cable and Hard Case) Discontinued
see: 190102S
192C003 Fluke 192C/003 60 MHZ Color Scopemeter Discontinued
See: 190-062
192C003S Fluke 192C/003S 60 MHz Color ScopeMeter with SCC Kit (FlukeView Software, Interface Cable and Hard Case) Discontinued
See: 190-062S
199C003 Fluke 199C/003 200 MHz Color ScopeMeter Discontinued
See: 190-202
199C003S Fluke 199C/003S 200 MHz Color ScopeMeter with SCC Kit (FlukeView Software, Interface Cable and Hard Case) Discontinued
See: 190-202S
Factory Refurbished Units
199C003SU Refurbished UnitFluke 199C/003S 200 MHz Color ScopeMeter with SCC  Kit Please Call
199CM003 Refurbished UnitFluke 199CM/003 200 MHZ Medical color Scopemeter, Discontinued Please Call
Included Accessories
  • 1 - BC190 Battery Charger/Line Voltage Adapter
  • 1 - BP190 NiMH Battery Pack
  • 1 - VPS200-G Voltage Probe (200 MHz, 10:1), Grey
  • 1 - VPS200-R Voltage Probe (200 MHz, 10:1), Red
  • 1 - TL75 Hard Point Test Lead Set
  • 1 - User manual (CD-ROM)
  • 1 - Getting started booklet

    "s" Models 196/003s and 199/003s Include SCC190 Kit:
    • Hard-shell Carrying Case C190
    • OC4USB Optically Isolated RS-232 Adapter/Cable
    • FlukeView for ScopeMeter Windows® software
Optional Accessories
Model Description Buy Online Price
MFR ID: 677393
Fluke CS20MA Current Shunt for Fluke Scopemeters Buy Now Sale $83.99
(Reg. $99.99)
Batteries, Chargers & Adapters
MFR ID: 1282244
Fluke BC190/808 Battery Charger/Adapter, Universal, 115/230V Buy Now Sale $131.99
(Reg. $149.99)
MFR ID: 677390
Fluke BP190 7.2V, 3500 mAh NIMH Rechargeable Battery Pack, for 190, 190C, and 430 Series Buy Now Sale $142.19
(Reg. $179.99)
Cables & Hardware Cases and Holsters
MFR ID: 677401
Fluke C190 Hard Carrying Case with Accessory Storage Compartments Buy Now Sale $167.99
(Reg. $199.99)
PAC91 Fluke PAC91 Print Adapter Cable Discontinued
MFR ID: 1641983
Fluke PM9080/101 Optical to RS232 Interface Adapter Buy Now Sale $224.99
(Reg. $249.99)
Current Clamps
MFR ID: 617735
Fluke I1010 600AAC/1000ADC AC/DC Current Clamp Buy Now Sale $382.49
(Reg. $424.99)
I2000 FLEX
MFR ID: 2584912
Fluke I2000 FLEX 2000A AC Flexible Current Clamp Buy Now Sale $359.99
(Reg. $399.99)
MFR ID: 664760
Fluke i200S 200A AC Current Clamp, with BNC to banana adapter Buy Now Sale $224.99
(Reg. $249.99)
MFR ID: 617727
Fluke i410 400A AC/DC Current Clamp Buy Now Sale $242.99
(Reg. $269.99)
MFR ID: 1567481
Fluke MA190 Accessory Kit for Medical and Video Applications Buy Now Sale $359.99
(Reg. $399.99)
RS200 Fluke RS200 Probe Replacement Set, VP Probes Discontinued
See: RS400
Extended Warranty CarePlans
MFR ID: 4112750
Fluke G3P-GROUP2 Gold CarePlan - Extends warranty from 3 to 5 yrs & includes annual NIST calibration Buy Now Sale $382.49
(Reg. $424.99)
MFR ID: 4112789
Fluke S3P-GROUP2 Silver CarePlan - Extends warranty from three to five years Buy Now Sale $88.74
(Reg. $109.99)
Special Value Kit
MFR ID: 671826
Fluke SCC190EFG Software Cable and Case Buy Now Sale $539.99
(Reg. $599.99)
MFR ID: 916093
Fluke PM9081/001 Dual Banana Plug to Female BNC Adapter Buy Now Sale $40.95
(Reg. $49.99)
MFR ID: 916163
Fluke PM9082/001 Banana Jack to Male BNC Adapter Buy Now Sale $41.95
(Reg. $49.99)
MFR ID: 935598
Fluke PM9091/001 Safety Designed Coax Cable Buy Now Sale $87.99
(Reg. $99.99)
MFR ID: 935601
Fluke PM9092/001 Safety Designed Coax Cable Buy Now Sale $72.89
(Reg. $89.99)
MFR ID: 935593
Fluke PM9093/001 Safety Designed BNC T-Connector Buy Now Sale $60.19
(Reg. $69.99)
MFR ID: 671826
Fluke SCC190EFG Software Cable and Case Buy Now Sale $539.99
(Reg. $599.99)
MFR ID: 1541636
Fluke TP38 Slim Reach Test Probe Set (Red/Black) Buy Now Sale $15.79
(Reg. $19.99)
VPS201 Fluke VPS201 Probe Set Discontinued
Pressure and Vacuum
MFR ID: 919811
Fluke PV350 Digital Pressure Vacuum Module Buy Now Sale $427.49
(Reg. $474.99)
MFR ID: 3894923
Fluke SW90W FlukeView ScopeMeter Software For the Fluke ScopeMeter 190 & 120 Series Buy Now Sale $269.99
(Reg. $299.99)
MFR ID: 3190456
Fluke 80T-150UA Universal Temperature Probe Buy Now Sale $242.99
(Reg. $269.99)
MFR ID: 736736
Fluke 80TK Type K Thermocouple Conversion Module Buy Now Sale $131.99
(Reg. $149.99)
Test Leads, Probes and Clips
MFR ID: 646163
Fluke AC120 Alligator Clips, (one red, one gray, one black) Buy Now Sale $32.39
(Reg. $39.99)
AC220 Fluke AC220 SureGrip Insulated Alligator Clips, (one red, one black) Buy Now Sale $36.44
(Reg. $44.99)
MFR ID: 1610115
Fluke AC280 SureGrip Hook Clips, (one red, one black) Buy Now Sale $28.34
(Reg. $34.99)
MFR ID: 1610144
Fluke AC283 SureGrip Pincer Clips, (one red, one black) Buy Now Sale $36.44
(Reg. $44.99)
AS200G Fluke AS200-G Probe Accessory Set VP Probes Discontinued
see: AS400
AS200R Fluke AS200-R Probe Accessory Set VP Probes Discontinued
see: AS400
MFR ID: 3894880
Fluke AS400 Probe Accessory Extension Set for the VPS400 and VPS200-II Probes Buy Now Sale $114.95
(Reg. $129.99)
MFR ID: 651759
Fluke DP120 Differential Probe Discontinued
MFR ID: 1616818
Fluke H900 Test Lead Holder, 10 Slots, Yellow Buy Now Sale $19.49
(Reg. $24.99)
PM9090001 Fluke PM9090/001 Scopemeter Probe Flexible Clip Discontinued
MFR ID: 2003625
Fluke TL220 Suregrip Industrial Test Lead Set (Red/Black) Buy Now Sale $64.79
(Reg. $79.99)
MFR ID: 1610198
Fluke TL224 SureGrip Silicone Insulated Test Leads (Red/Black) Buy Now Sale $24.29
(Reg. $29.99)
MFR ID: 1616632
Fluke TL910 1000V/3A, CAT II Electronic Test Probe Set (Red/Black) Buy Now Sale $53.89
(Reg. $69.99)
MFR ID: 650887
Fluke TP-1 1000V/10A CAT II Slim Reach Test Probes (Red/Black) Buy Now Sale $16.19
(Reg. $19.99)
MFR ID: 650892
Fluke TP2 1000V/10A CAT II Slim Reach Test Probes, 2mm Diameter Tips (Red/Black) Buy Now Sale $17.19
(Reg. $19.99)
MFR ID: 1670056
Fluke TP220 1000V/10A CAT II Suregrip Industrial Test Probes, 12 mm Dia tip (Red/Black) Buy Now Sale $17.19
(Reg. $19.99)
MFR ID: 650895
Fluke TP4 1000V/10A CAT II Slim Reach Test Probes (Red/Black) Buy Now Sale $17.59
(Reg. $19.99)
TP74 Fluke TP74 Lantern Tip Test Probes (Red/Black) Buy Now Sale $16.59
(Reg. $19.99)
MFR ID: 873455
Fluke TP80 Electronic Test Probes (Red/Black) Buy Now Sale $30.09
(Reg. $34.99)
MFR ID: 1616644
Fluke TP912 Replacement Tips (Red/Black) Buy Now Sale $23.99
(Reg. $29.99)
MFR ID: 1616659
Fluke TP920 Test Probe Adapter Kit (Red/Black) Buy Now Sale $31.99
(Reg. $39.99)