Accessory recommendations for measurements
over 42V peak (>30V rms)

Similar to a multimeter, but unlike a conventional oscilloscope, the ScopeMeter input connectors have no exposed metal and are fully insulated to protect against electrical shock. The ScopeMeter COM (common) inputs (Input A shield, Input B shield, and black banana jack) are connected internally via self-recovering fault protection. Any voltage on one COM input will be present on all COM connections.

To avoid risk of electrical shock, use only the following accessories when a ScopeMeter COM input is connected to >42V peak (30V rms):
  • PM8907/801
  • PM8907/803
  • PM8907/804
  • PM8907/806
  • PM8907/807
  • PM8907/808
  • PM8918/001
  • PM8918/002
  • PM8918/003
  • PM8918/101
  • PM8918/202
  • PM8918/301
  • ITP120
  • PM9094/001
  • PM9081/001
  • PM9082/001
  • PM9084/001
  • PM9085/001
  • PM9091/001
  • PM9092/001
  • PM9093/001
  • PM9080/001
  • PAC91
  • 80i-110s
  • 80i-1000s
  • TL224
  • TL75
  • STL120
  • AC20
  • AC120
  • HC120
  • BB120
Other ScopeMeter compatible accessories are only suitable when the ScopeMeter COM input is connected to an earth ground potential or <42V peak (30V rms).