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Fluke 123/003
20 MHz, 2 Ch, Industrial ScopeMeter

  • 20 MHz Bandwidth, 25 MS/s
  • Two Channels, Scope or DMM mode
  • 5 mV to 500 V/div
  • 60 s to 20 ns/div
  • NTSC, PAL, SECAM video triggering
  • True-RMS DMM with 5000 count / 0.5% accuracy
  • 2 Channel TrendPlot for recording trends and intermittents
  • Optical RS-232 port for connection to PC's
  • Connect-And-View allows for quick hands-off operation
  • Improved Battery Charge Process
  • Lightweight (2.5 lb./1.2 kg.)
  • Accessory recommendations for measurements
    over 42V peak (>30V RMS)
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Product Information
Datasheet 283 KB PDF
Manual 1.9 MB PDF
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The compact ScopeMeter Fluke 123-003 offer the rugged solution for industrial troubleshooting and installation applications. It's a truly integrated test tool, with oscilloscope, multimeter and "paperless" recorder in one affordable, easy-to-use instrument. Find fast answers to problems in machinery, instrumentation, control and power systems.
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
MFR ID: 2063915
Fluke 123/003 20 MHz, 2 Ch, 25 MS/s, Industrial ScopeMeter Buy Now $1,499.99
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Factory Refurbished Units
123003U Refurbished SpecialFluke 123/003U 20 MHz Industrial ScopeMeter, Refurbished
Does NOT include SCC120 Kit
Please Call
123003SU Refurbished SpecialFluke 123/003SU 20 MHz Industrial ScopeMeter with SCC120 Kit, Refurbished Please Call
Included Accessories
  • AC120 Alligator Clips
  • BB120 Shielded BNC Adapter
  • PM8907 Line Adapter/Charger
  • STL120 Shielded Test Leads Set
  • BP120 1800 mAh NiMH Battery Pack
  • User's Manual (CD-ROM)
Optional Accessories
Batteries, Chargers & Adapters
MFR ID: 2544081
Fluke BP120MH 4.8V, 3000 mAh NiMH Rechargeable Battery Pack for 43, 43B, & 123 Buy Now Sale $114.39
(Reg. $129.99)
MFR ID: 614039
Fluke PM8907/808 Power Battery Charger - Universal Buy Now Sale $114.39
(Reg. $129.99)
Cables and Hardware
MFR ID: 935601
Fluke PM9092/001 Safety Designed Coax Cable Buy Now Sale $72.89
(Reg. $89.99)
Cases and Holsters
MFR ID: 646189
Fluke C120 Hard Carrying Case with Accessory Storage Compartments Buy Now Sale $114.39
(Reg. $129.99)
MFR ID: 646858
Fluke C125 Zippered Soft Carrying Case with Detachable External Pouch Buy Now Sale $34.39
(Reg. $39.99)
MFR ID: 1663230
Fluke C43 Soft Carrying Case, Vinyl, Black/Yellow Buy Now Sale $67.99
(Reg. $79.99)
MFR ID: 946694
Fluke C789 Soft Carrying Case with 3 Compartments, Removable Handle and Shoulder Strap Buy Now Sale $113.39
(Reg. $139.99)
Current Clamps
MFR ID: 1568487
Fluke i1000s 1000 Amp AC Current Clamp Buy Now Sale $517.49
(Reg. $574.99)
MFR ID: 664760
Fluke i200S 200A AC Current Clamp, with BNC to banana adapter Buy Now Sale $224.99
(Reg. $249.99)
MFR ID: 657202
Fluke i3000s 3000A AC iFlex Flexible Current Probe Buy Now Sale $562.49
(Reg. $624.99)
Extended Warranty CarePlans
MFR ID: 4112811
Fluke G3P-GROUP3 Gold CarePlan - Extends warranty from 3 to 5 yrs & includes annual NIST calibration Buy Now Sale $764.99
(Reg. $849.99)
MFR ID: 4112848
Fluke S3P-GROUP3 Silver CarePlan - Extends warranty from three to five years Buy Now Sale $197.99
(Reg. $219.99)
Fiber Optic
MFR ID: 200428
Fluke FOM Fiber Optic Power Meter Buy Now Sale $472.49
(Reg. $524.99)
MFR ID: 646684
Fluke SCC120E Software and Cable Carrying Case Buy Now Sale $404.99
(Reg. $449.99)
Pressure and Vacuum
MFR ID: 919811
Fluke PV350 Digital Pressure Vacuum Module Buy Now Sale $427.49
(Reg. $474.99)
MFR ID: 3894923
Fluke SW90W FlukeView ScopeMeter Software For the Fluke ScopeMeter 190 & 120 Series Buy Now Sale $269.99
(Reg. $299.99)
MFR ID: 2098684
Fluke 80PK-22 SureGrip Immersion Temperature Probe, Type-K Thermocouple, -40 to 1090°C Buy Now Sale $80.99
(Reg. $99.99)
MFR ID: 2098691
Fluke 80PK-24 SureGrip Air Temperature Probe, Type-K Thermocouple, -40 to 816°C Buy Now Sale $103.19
(Reg. $119.99)
MFR ID: 2098714
Fluke 80PK-26 SureGrip Tapered Temperature Probe, Type-K Thermocouple, -40 to 816°C Buy Now Sale $103.19
(Reg. $119.99)
MFR ID: 2098706
Fluke 80PK-25 SureGrip Piercing Temperature Probe, Type-K Thermocouple, -40 to 260°C Buy Now Sale $104.39
(Reg. $119.99)
MFR ID: 874610
Fluke 80PK-3A Surface Probe, Type-K Thermocouple, 0 to 260°C Buy Now Sale $131.19
(Reg. $159.99)
MFR ID: 200360
Fluke 80PK-8 Pipe Clamp Temperature Probe, Type-K Thermocouple,-29 to 149 °C Buy Now Sale $139.95
(Reg. $179.99)
MFR ID: 736736
Fluke 80TK Type K Thermocouple Conversion Module Buy Now Sale $131.99
(Reg. $149.99)
MFR ID: 3190456
Fluke 80T-150UA Universal Temperature Probe Buy Now Sale $242.99
(Reg. $269.99)
Test Leads, Probes and Clips
MFR ID: 646163
Fluke AC120 Alligator Clips, (one red, one gray, one black) Buy Now Sale $32.39
(Reg. $39.99)
MFR ID: 3894880
Fluke AS400 Probe Accessory Extension Set for the VPS400 and VPS200-II Probes Buy Now Sale $114.95
(Reg. $129.99)
MFR ID: 1616807
Fluke BP980 4mm Double Banana Plug Kit, 5 pairs (Red and Black) Buy Now Sale $38.69
(Reg. $44.99)
MFR ID: 646668
Fluke HC120 Hook Clips, (one red, one gray) Buy Now Sale $34.95
(Reg. $44.99)
MFR ID: 1616818
Fluke H900 Test Lead Holder, 10 Slots, Yellow Buy Now Sale $19.49
(Reg. $24.99)
MFR ID: 646676
Fluke ITP120 Optically Isolated External Trigger Probe for Fluke ScopeMeter 120-Series Buy Now Sale $359.99
(Reg. $399.99)
MFR ID: 1610198
Fluke TL224 SureGrip Silicone Insulated Test Leads (Red/Black) Buy Now Sale $24.29
(Reg. $29.99)
MFR ID: 1274382
Fluke TL71 1000V/10A CAT II Premium Test Lead Set (Red/Black) Buy Now Sale $24.29
(Reg. $29.99)
MFR ID: 1616632
Fluke TL910 1000V/3A, CAT II Electronic Test Probe Set (Red/Black) Buy Now Sale $53.89
(Reg. $69.99)