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Fluke 700LTP-1

Low-Pressure Test/Vacuum Pump, 100 psi, 6.9 bar/-12 psi, -.85 bar

Brand: Fluke
Model No: 700LTP-1
MPN: 2811763
Our Model No: 700LTP1
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Hand-operated
  • Designed to generate either vacuum or pressure
  • Pressure: 100 psi, 6.9 bar
  • Vacuum: -12 psi, -.85 bar
  • Two pressure ports with push fit connectors, one for reference port for connection to pressure module, one to connect to unit under test
  • Primarily intended for low-pressure applications
  • Features fine adjust vernier with .00145 psi resolution at low pressures
  • Pressure variation achievable with vernier depends on nominal pressure and total pressurized volume
  • With minimum volume and maximum pressure, vernier provides 30 psi ± 6 psi
  • Adjustable pressure relief valve features slow-bleed capability that allows users to slowly release pressure at controlled rate
Manual: PDF Document Icon (139 KB)
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