Fluke 1736B
Portable 3-Phase Power Logger, Basic Version, Excludes Current Probes

  • Automatically capture and log voltage, current, power, harmonics and associated power quality values
  • Measure all three phases and neutral with 4 flexible current probes (available as accessories)
  • View data locally on the instrument or via Fluke Connect mobile app and desktop software
  • More than 20 separate logging sessions can be stored on the instruments
  • Capture dips, swells, and inrush currents with event waveform snapshot and high resolution RMS profile
  • Bright, color touch screen with full graphical display
  • Optimized user interface with quick, guided, graphical setup and intelligent verification function
  • Complete in-the-field setup through the front panel or Fluke Connect App
  • Convenient instrument powering directly from the measured circuit
  • Highest safety rating in the industry, 600 V CAT IV/1000 V CAT III rated
  • Download and analyze data with Energy Analyze Plus application software
  • Compact size, designed to fit in tight spaces and panels
  • Four-hour battery life operating time (backup time) per charge on lithium-ion battery
  • Two USB ports, one for PC connection and another for quick, simple data download to standard USB thumb drives
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The Fluke 1736B Three-Phase Power Logger Basic Version built with Fluke Connect mobile app and desktop software compatibility gives you the data you need to make critical power quality and energy decisions in real-time. The best test tool for conducting energy studies and basic power quality logging, the 1736/B automatically captures and logs over 500 power quality parameters so you have more visibility into the data you need to optimize system reliability and savings.

An optimized user interface, flexible current probes, and an intelligent measurement verification function that allows you to reduce measurement errors by digitally verifying and correcting common connection errors makes setup easier than ever and reduces measurement uncertainty. Access and share data remotely with your team via the Fluke Connect app so you can maintain safer working distances and make critical decisions in real-time, reducing the need for protective equipment, site visits and check-ins. You can also quickly and easily chart and graph measurements to help identify issues and create detailed reports with the included Fluke Energy Analyze Plus software package.

The Fluke 1736 is the best general purpose power logger. If you’re looking for a power logger with the same great energy study capabilities and more advanced power quality logging capabilities, the Fluke 1738 is the ideal choice.

The Fluke 1736B is the Basic Version of the 1736 Three-Phase Power Logging line. It performs best when you need to measure current above 1,500A or measure on larger conductors. The Fluke 1736/B is configured with the needs of specialist users in mind. It is delivered without current measurement accessories, so you'll need to select the current accessories you need for your application or situation.

Fluke 173X Series
Fluke 173X Series
Fluke 173X Series

Load studies: Verify electrical system capacity before adding loads

Energy assessments: Quantify energy consumption before, and after improvements, to justify energy saving devices

Harmonics measurements: Uncover harmonic issues that can damage or disrupt critical equipment

Voltage and current event capture: Monitor for dips, swells and inrush currents that cause false resets or nuisance circuit breaker tripping

Log the most common parameters

Designed to measure the most critical threephase power parameters, the 1736B can simultaneously log rms voltage, rms current, voltage and current events, voltage and current THD, voltage and current harmonics up to the 50th harmonic, active power, reactive power, power factor, active energy, reactive energy, and more. With enough memory for more than a year of data logging, the 1736B can uncover intermittent or hard-to-find issues that might otherwise have been missed.

Fluke 173X Series

Fluke 173X Series

Easy to use

The four current probes are connected separately; the instrument automatically detects and scales the probes. The thin current probes are designed to easily get through tight conductor spacing and are easily set to 150 or 1500 A for high accuracy in nearly any application. An innovative tangle-free flat voltage lead makes connection simple and reliable and the instrument’s intelligent ‘Verify Connection’ feature automatically checks to make sure the instrument is connected correctly and can digitally correct common connection issues without having to disconnect measurement leads.

The detachable power supply can be conveniently and safely powered directly from the measured circuit—no more searching for power outlets or having to run multiple extension cords to the logging location.

Analysis and Reporting

Capturing logged data is just one part of the task. Once you have the data, you need to create useful information and reports that can be easily shared and understood by your organization or customers. Fluke Energy Analyze Plus software makes that task as simple as possible. With powerful analysis tools and the ability to create customized reports in minutes you’ll be able to communicate your findings and quickly solve problems so you can optimize system reliability and savings.

Fluke 173X Series

Data downloading couldn’t be easier or more flexible:

  • Download directly to a USB flash drive that plugs directly into the USB port of the instrument.
  • View measurements remotely via the Fluke Connect mobile app and desktop software, helping you maintain safer working distances and reducing the need for personal protective equipment and unnecessary site visits and check-ins.
Download the app:
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MFR ID: 4563561
Fluke 1736/B Portable 3-Phase Power Logger, Basic Version, Excludes Current Probes Buy Now $4,499.99
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Power Supply
  • 1 - Soft Case
  • 1 - Energy Analyze Software
  • 1 - Line Cords
  • 1 - USB Flash Drive (Color Coding Set and Documentation)
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