Fluke 438-II
Power Quality and Motor Analyzer

  • Includes 4 flexi current probes, a combination wifi/SD card, soft carrying case as well as other accessories
  • Measure key parameters on direct-on-line motors enables measurement of mechanical power, torque and RPM without the need of mechanical sensors.
  • Perform dynamic motor analysis by plotting NEMA de-rating requirements with full analysis according to NEMA li without having to manual calculations.
  • Calculate Mechanical Power and Efficiency without the need of mechanical sensors to discover performance and energy savings opportunities
  • Measure electrical power parameters such as voltage, current, power, apparent power, power factor and unbalance to identify characteristics that impact motor efficiency
  • Identify power quality issues such as dips, swells, transients, harmonics and unbalance to maintain reliability.
  • PowerWave data technology captures fast RMS data, and shows half-cycles and waveforms to characterize electrical system dynamics (generator start-ups, UPS switching etc.) to provide important data that may indicate potential source of equipment damage.
  • Waveform capture function captures 100/120 cycles (50/60Hz) of each event detected event, in all modes, without set-up to see the effects of overloading or equipment mismatches.
  • Automatic Transient Mode: captures 200 kHz waveform data on all phases simultaneously up to 6 kV to see the effects of voltages that may be shortening the life of your electric motors.
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Fluke 438-II Shown

The Fluke 438-II Power Quality and Motor Analyzer adds key electric motor mechanical measurements to the Fluke-430-II Series Power Quality Analyzers. An electric motor converts electrical energy into rotational forces that is used to drive critical industrial rotating machines like pumps, compressors and fans. By analyzing the input power the Fluke 438II can calculate the mechanical forces transferred to the mechanical load, without having to use an inline force transducer. The new parameters that can be analyzed in addition to the power quality measurements are:

  • Mechanical Power (HP/ kW)
  • Torque (lb.ft/ Nm)
  • Speed (rpm)
  • Efficiency (%)
  • Total De-rating Factor (According to NEMA)

By specifying the motor rated specifications, the analyzer can be used to obtain readout of the actual measured performance compared to the rated performance making it possible to identify overload condition, impact of poor power quality or the motors efficiency. These measurements are all obtained while the motor is in-service with the added bonus of not requiring external force transducers be installed on the motor shaft.

The derating graph will plot the % load versus derating factor under operating conditions taking into account input power quality according to National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) guidelines. The derating curve is then used to determine if the motor is operating within its rated performance. Motors operating outside of their rated performance for extended periods of time can result in a reduced lifespan and repeated failures. The 438-II/Basic includes a Soft Carry Case, test lead set, battery, and CD-rom with PowerLog 430-II software and user documentation.

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Fluke 438-II Power Quality and Motor Analyzer Buy Now $9,999.99
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Included Accessories
  • 1 - Test Lead set
  • 4 - Thin Flexi Current Probes
  • 1 - Battery
  • 1 - Power Adapter
  • 1 - Combination WiFi/SD Card
  • 1 - Soft Carry Case
  • 1 - CD Rom with PowerLog 430-II Software and User Documentation
Optional Accessories
MFR ID: 4116743
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