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Fluke 1760 TR BASIC

Three-Phase Power Quality Recorder Topas with Fast Transient (No Probes)

Brand: Fluke
Model No: 1760 TR BASIC
MPN: 2637629
Our Model No: 1760TRBASIC
Condition: NEW
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Product Features:

  • Does not include flexible current probes
  • Conduct tests according to stringent, international IEC 61000-4-30 Class-A standards
  • GPS time synchronization correlates data with events or datasets from other instruments, with precision
  • Flexible and fully configurable thresholds and scale factors allow users to pinpoint specific issues by defining detailed criteria for detection and recording of disturbances
  • 600V CAT IV/1000V CAT III rated
  • Uninterrupted power supply (40 minutes) records beginning and end of interruptions and outages
  • 10 MHz, 6000 Vpk waveform capture gets a detailed picture, even short events
  • 2 GB data memory enables detailed, simultaneous recording of numerous power parameters for long periods of time
  • Comprehensive software provides trend diagrams for root cause analysis, statistical summaries, report writing and real-time data monitoring (in online mode)
  • Insulated housing and solid state design with no rotating components enables reliable testing under nearly any conditions


  • Detailed disturbance analysis
  • Class-A quality-of-service compliance
  • Event correlation at multiple locations
  • Simultaneous measurement of independent power systems
  • Power quality and power load studies

The Fluke 1760TRBASIC Three-Phase Power Quality Recorder Topas with Fast Transient is the ideal portable instrument for power quality experts. It is fully compliant to IEC 61000-4-30 Class-A, for advanced power quality analysis and consistent compliance testing. Designed for analysis of utility and industrial power distribution systems, in medium- and low-voltage networks, the 1760 provides the flexibility to customize thresholds, algorithms, and measurement selections. It captures the most comprehensive details on user-selected parameters and allows for later analysis and reporting.

Fully Class-A Compliant

The 1760 TR BASIC is fully compliant with the new IEC 61000-4-30 Class-A standard, which defines the measurement methods required for each power parameter in order to obtain reliable, repeatable, and comparable results. With the GPS time synchronization accessory, data recorded with multiple instruments can be correlated with Class-A precision.

User-configurable Operation

The versatile measurement algorithms and trigger settings allow the expert and general users to optimize the Fluke 1760 TR BASIC for each application in order to capture exactly the data required. Data can be transferred to a computer directly, or via an Ethernet network and can be retrieved during recording without interrupting the measurements.

Rugged and Reliable

The instrument, accessories, and power supply help you safely conduct tests with a 600V CAT IV rating per EN 61010-1 conformity requirements. The 1760 TR BASIC features a double insulated enclosure, which helps protect the user, equipment, and surroundings from electrical shock. With a 2 GB compact flash memory instead of a hard disk, there are no rotating parts inside the instrument, increasing its reliability and durability for everyday use.

Broad Measurement Range

Developed in cooperation with power utilities, the EN50160 statistical analysis presents a summary of the quality of voltage against internationally defined limits. When a threshold is exceeded, the 1760 TR BASIC automatically captures voltage and current waveform data on all phases simultaneously. Nearly every power quality and power parameter is measured, including rms values, flicker, voltage dips, voltage swells, voltage unbalance, current and voltage harmonics to the 50th, interharmonics, THD, mains signaling, reactive power, transients, and power factor.

PQ Analyze Software

The 1760 TR BASIC includes comprehensive software for detailed power quality analysis on Windows based PCs. In the online mode, the software enables remote instrument setup, job processing, real-time verification of actual measurement values, and data download. Data can be viewed in trend diagrams for root cause analysis or in a variety of statistical summaries. You can also generate professional reports with the Report Writer function.

  • 1 - 2GB Internal Flash Memory Card
  • 1 - PQ Analyze Software CD
  • 1 - Ethernet Cable
  • 1 - Crosslink Ethernet Cable
  • 1 - Mains Cable
  • 1 - Carrying Case/Bag
Current Clamps
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TPS CLAMP 10A/1A Fluke TPS CLAMP 10A/1A AC Current Clamp for Model 1760, 1A/10A AC Add to Cart
Sale $629.10
TPS CLAMP 200/20 Fluke TPS CLAMP 200/20 AC Current Clamp for Model 1760, 20A/200A AC Add to Cart
Sale $629.10
TPS CLAMP 50A/5A Fluke TPS CLAMP 50A/5A AC Current Clamp for Model 1760, 5A/50A AC Add to Cart
Sale $629.10
TPS SHUNT 20MA Fluke TPS SHUNT 20MA AC/DC Current Shunt for Model 1760, 20mA AC/DC Add to Cart
Sale $539.99
Test Leads, Probes and Clips
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TPS VOLTPROBE 100V Fluke TPS VOLTPROBE 100V Voltprobe for Model 1760, 100V Add to Cart
Sale $431.99
TPS VOLTPROBE 10V Fluke TPS VOLTPROBE 10V Voltprobe for Model 1760, 10V Add to Cart
Sale $431.99
TPS VOLTPROBE 1K V Fluke TPS VOLTPROBE 1K V Voltprobe for Model 1760, 1000V Add to Cart
Sale $719.99
TPS VOLTPROBE 400V Fluke TPS VOLTPROBE 400V Voltprobe for Model 1760, 400V Add to Cart
Sale $431.99
TPS VOLTPROBE 600V Fluke TPS VOLTPROBE 600V Voltprobe for Model 1760, 600V Add to Cart
Sale $431.99
Fluke Careplans
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G2P-GROUP4 Fluke G2P-GROUP4 4-Year Gold CarePlan for Models 975, 1625 and 1735 Add to Cart


S2P-GROUP4 Fluke S2P-GROUP4 2-4-Year Silver CarePlan for Models 975, 1625 and 1735 Add to Cart
Sale $337.49
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