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Fluke 050-CLKT
2" (50mm) Infrared (IR) Window with Kwik Twist Cover

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Fluke-050-CLKT Shown
Product Information
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  • Viewing aperture diameter: 43 mm (1.7 in)
  • Viewing aperture area: 1452 mm2 (2.25 sq in)
  • Engineered and tested to withstand electric-arcs up to 50 kA for 30 cycles
  • Certified by UL & CSA for Type 3/12 (Outdoor) environments in North America and Canada, the C-Range windows are tested to withstand the long term aging effects of UV exposure
  • Certified by SIRA Certification IP65 (Outdoor) environments in Europe
  • The CLIRVU coating—exclusive to Hawk IR Windows—seals the optic prior to assembly to protect against moisture degradation.
  • Own a Fluke Camera? The Quadraband optic is IR-Fusion® compatible, allowing the thermographer to see potential problems in visual light and thermographic mode.
  • Got more than one window per panel? Each C-Range window is delivered with an identification plate attached for unique, on-site numbering for rapid location confirmation and faster repairs
  • Each infrared window comes complete with a security access key, installation instructions and self-adhesive drilling template.
Whether your electrical inspection program takes you to the temperature extremes of a northern Canadian winter or the California desert, the corrosive conditions of offshore oil rigs, or anywhere in between, you can count on Fluke-050-CLKT C-Range Infrared (IR) Windows to stand up to the challenge. With their heavy-duty aluminum housing and arc-flash resistant design you'll find they perform their best under even the worst conditions to increase the speed and safety of the user's IR inspections.
The Fluke 050 CLKT C-Range Infrared (IR) Window make it easier to comply with the NFPA 70E safety standard. Their arc-resistant crystal optics are engineered and tested to withstand the extreme pressures and temperatures of an electric arc-fault event up to 50kA. Their unique Kwik Twist Magnetic Security cover further protects the viewing pane from accidental external impact, and is locked in place with a security access key. For added convenience, the Kwik Twist cover magnetically sticks to the metal panel.

Even more remarkable is their Auto-ground feature, exclusive to Fluke IR Window series (CLKT or CLKTO) upon installation without any additional steps or testing. The Auto-Ground feature enhances worker safety and eliminates the need to separately ground each metal component of the window.

The Clear advantage for Thermal Imaging
The Fluke 050CLKT Series is approved for installation on both indoor and outdoor equipment. It features the exclusive Fluke CLIRVU coating that seals the entire crystal optic, including the edges, making it impervious to moisture and vibration and protecting it from aging effects of UV exposure. CLIRVU optics are insoluble and guaranteed never to degrade even when exposed to mild acids or alkalis. Of the thousands of FLUKE 50/CLKT IR Windows installed, many in very challenging environments, not one has been returned due to moisture or transmission degradation.

The Antistatic properties of the CLIRVU coating also help repel dust and grime to keep both sides of the window clean for better IR transmission. As a result, the Fluke 50mm-CLKT IR Windows transmit up to 96 percent of the energy emitted, producing a more detailed image.

Not only do Fluke 050CLKT IR Windows deliver a clearer view of the equipment being inspected, the also present a larger viewing area than other windows on the marker. Since the entire area of the crystal optic is available for infrared transmission, it provides optimum repeatable results. It also provides a better view for visible light inspections.
Maximum Inspection Flexibility
Fluke CLKT-050 is the only IR Window with Quadraband multispectral optics that support most popular camera brands and IR, UV, and visual inspection modes. That means the user can change the camera without having to change the IR Windows. Quadraband optics transmit electromagnetic radiation in:
  • Long Wave Infrared
  • Midwave Infrared
  • Visual
  • UVA and UVB Ultraviolet
So whether the user uses longwave thermal imagers, midwave thermal imagers, corona/UV cameras, or traditional visual cameras, the user can take full advantage of the state-of-the-art Fluke 050/CLKT IR Window features.

Backed by the first name in preventive Maintenance
With the Fluke-050/CLKT IR Window, you get more than a premium quality product guaranteed for the life of the equipment. The user also gets a strong support network to work with before , during, and after the sale. Whether you need help starting an IR Inspection program, planning the installation of the Fluke 050:CLK-T IR Window, Fluke expertise is just a phone call away.

Increased efficiency, decreased costs
Fluke 050-CLKT 50mm Infrared Window with Kwik Twist Cover can save costs every step of the way. It takes just one person about 10 minutes to install a Fluke IR Window. This helps to minimize installation labor costs and system downtime. Just power down, remove the panel cover, position the window using the included template, drill the hole, and affix the window with three self-tapping screws. Because all the mounting hardware attaches to the outside of the panel there are no parts insides that can work loose and cause of short.
Quadraband Optic Technology Do you have an infrared camera with IR fusion capability? Do you simply want to take a digital photograph of a problem to help with a repair? Using pre-shot digital pictures of switchgear attached to outdoor panels is never a long term, robust solution. With C-Range Quadraband optics you can use the same IR Window to confirm a disconnect position, clarify a phase color in a multi-cable feeder or even visually detect discoloration as further confirmation of a problem.

Quadraband Optic Technology Auto-Ground
Automatically grounds at installation for maximum safety and compliance. No additional steps or testing is required. Only available on Fluke CLKT/CLKTO Infrared (IR) Windows.

Fluke 050-CLKT Specifications: Optic data
Crystal insert diameter 50 mm (1.97 in)
Viewing aperture diameter 43 mm (1.7 in)
Viewing aperture area 1452 mm2 (2.25 sq in)
Thickness 2 mm (0.08 in)
CLIRVU coating Yes
Shortwave IR capable Yes
Midwave IR capable Yes
Longwave IR capable Yes
Ultraviolet (UV) capable Yes
Visual capable Yes
Fusion capable Yes

Why is available area important?

Understanding the difference between "Optic Diameter" and "Available Area" gives the thermographer a measure of how much infrared energy is passing through the window. The more energy, the better the reading. Using a crystal IR Window means that the entire area is available for infrared transmission for optimum repeatability and results. While a mesh grid may have a larger "Optic Diameter" the grid itself blocks the IR signal, meaning that the amount of radiation available to the camera is significantly reduced and the signal may be irregular.
Fluke 050-CLKT Specifications: Safety Ratings
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) recognized
UL50 environmental Type 3/12
UL746C N/A (Polymer Free)
UL94 N/A (Polymer Free)
Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approval
Environmental Type 3/12
KEMA (Arc-Testing)
ANSI C37.20.7 50 kA for 30 cycles @60 Hz
EEMACS 14-1 Type-B 40 kA for 30 cycles @60 Hz
ASTA (Arc-Testing)
IEC 62271 20 kA for 5 cycles @50 Hz
Cyclic humidity withstand
Vibration withstand
Resistance of insulating materials to 100°
Resistance of insulating material to ball pressure (Brinell)
Glow-wire test 650 °C
Lloyds Register
Up to 11 kV marine switchgear, indoor or outdoor
Fluke 050-CLKT Specifications: General
Crystal insert size  50 mm (2 in) 
Maximum temperature Gaskets: 250 °C (482 °F)
Body: 659 °C (1219 °F)
Optic: 1400 °C (2552 °F)
Gaskets Low smoke and fume (LSF) compliant silicone
IP rating IP65
NEMA rating Type 3/12 (UL and CSA Third Party Certified)
Vibration rating IEC60068-2-6
Humidity rating IEC60068-2-3
Pull-out strength Up to 630 kg (1388 lb)
Warranty Lifetime replacement against manufacturing defects
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Obsolete Model
050CL Fluke 050-CLKT 2" (50mm) Infrared (IR) Window with Kwik Twist Cover Discontinued
See: 050CLKT
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Installation CD
  • 1 - Self-adhesive drilling template
  • 1 - Security access key
  • 1 - Warranty statement