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Fluke 1630-2 FC

Stakeless Earth Ground Loop/AC Leakage Current Clamp with Fluke Connect, 1000V AC

Brand: Fluke
Model No: 1630-2 FC
Our Model No: 16302FC
Condition: NEW
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1630-2 FC


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Product Features:

  • Wireless earth ground clamp delivers fast, indoor/outdoor ground loop and leakage tests without driving stakes
  • Identify AC leakage currents without disconnecting earth ground stake from grounding system
  • Ideal for system troubleshooting
  • Heavy-duty clamp jaw stays in alignment and calibrated, even in everyday, on-the-job industrial environments
  • The earth ground clamp saves time by automatically recording data at pre-set intervals
  • Saves up to 32,760 measurements at set logging interval
  • Records and stores measured values
  • User-defined high/low alarm limits for rapid measurement evaluation
  • Selectable band-pass filter function removes unwanted noise from AC leakage current measurement

The Fluke 1630-2 FC Stakeless Earth Ground Loop/AC Leakage Current Clamp, 1000V AC is the kind of high-quality, rugged tool you expect from Fluke; its heavy-duty clamp jaw stays in alignment and in calibration even in every day, on-the-job industrial environments.

Test the grounding components of equipment in hard-to-reach spaces, including areas that are indoors or fully paved and do not permit driving auxiliary test stakes. Stay on line-identify ground loop resistance without the need to disconnect, then reconnect the earth electrode from the system.

Stakeless Measurement

The 1630-2 FC clamp measures earth ground loop resistances for multi-grounded systems using the dual-clamp jaw. This test technique eliminates the dangerous and time-consuming activity of disconnecting parallel grounds, as well as the process of finding suitable locations for auxiliary test stakes. You can also perform ground tests in places that were previously difficult: inside buildings, on power pylons or anywhere where you do not have access to soil for auxiliary test stakes.

With this test method, a two-process measurement is made around the earth ground wire or bus bar using the specially-designed jaw of the 1630-2 FC clamp. Auxiliary test stakes are not used at all. A known voltage is induced by the source in the clamp, and the current is measured by the sensor in the clamp. The tester automatically determines the earth loop resistance for this section of the earthing system.

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Maximize uptime by using the comprehensive overviews provided by Asset Status and Asset Health dashboards. These dashboards provide detailed measurement information and actionable maintenance data. Easily spot anomalies as they emerge and compare to historical and baseline views to instantly see concerns.

Asset Status and Asset Health Dashboards

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  • 1 - Earth Ground Clamp
  • 1 - Hard Carrying Case
  • 1 - Loop Resistance Standard
  • 4 - AA Batteries
  • 1 - Safety Information Guide
  • 1 - Quick Reference Guide
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