LockPak for 180 Series Digital Multimeters

The LockPak accessory easily fits into the back of the meter, once the rubber probe holder is removed.

Now you can take long-term, unattended measurements without the fear of your meter being "borrowed." LockPak is a new security accessory that fits into the back of a Fluke 187 or Fluke 189. When combined with a cable and padlock, the meter is secured in place to reduce the threat of theft or loss.

Made of polycarbonate, LockPak is very durable and should last for years.

LockPak is designed for use similar to lockout, tagout procedures, and is especially useful for long term, unattended logging situations with the Fluke 189 digital multimeter.

So don't let your new Fluke meter walk away. Be sure to purchase a Fluke LockPak accessory.