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Fluke 45
Dual-Display Digital Multimeter,
See: Fluke 8845

  • Multifunction vacuum fluorescent dual display allowing the user to measure two different parameters of the same signal from one test connection, and view both measurements at the same time.
  • True-rms voltage and current, including AC + DC
  • RS-232 interface standard, IEEE-488.2 optional
  • Frequency Measurement to 1 MHz
  • db measurements: 21 selectable reference impedances.   From 2 to 8000, and audio power from 2 W to 16 W
  • Compare (Hi/Lo/Pass) function for quick in-tolerance tests
  • 0.05% dc current accuracy for 4-20 mA current loop service
  • Closed-Case Calibration: Calibration can be performed via the RS-232 (or with optional IEE-488.2) interface or manually from the front panel.  No internal adjustments are required.
  • Touch Hold®
  • Diode Test/ Continuity
  • Accessories

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The Fluke 45 is a feature-rich 5-digit, 100,000 count meter that truly fits all applications and virtually any measurement need - on the workbench or in the field.  Two multifunction displays and 16 different measurement capabilities allow wide ranging versatility at an affordable price.
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45 Fluke 45 Digital Multimeter Discontinued
See: Fluke 8845
4501 Fluke 45-01 Digital Multimeter with Battery Option Discontinued
See: Fluke 8845
4505 Fluke 45-05 Digital Multimeter with GPIB Option Discontinued
See: Fluke 8845
4515 Fluke 45-15 Digital Multimeter with Battery and GPIB Options Discontinued
See: Fluke 8845