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Fluke 411D
100ft Laser Distance Meter

  • Elimination of estimation errors, saving both time and money
  • The most advanced laser technology for distance measurement
  • Instant measurement with one-button operation
  • Easy targeting with bright laser
  • Quick calculation of area (square footage) and volume
  • Easy addition and subtraction of measurements
  • Improved battery life from automatic shut-off feature
  • Pythagoras calculation for determining distance indirectly from two other measurements
  • Pouch
  • Two-year warranty
  • 101 Applications
Click here for a larger image of the Fluke 411D Laser Distance MeterClick here for a larger image of the Fluke 113 Utility Multimeter
Fluke 411D Shown

Product Information
Datasheet 238 KB PDF
Brochure 5.5 MB PDF
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The Fluke 411D laser distance meter brings you the most advanced measuring technology. This meter is fast, accurate, durable, and easy to use — just point and shoot. Its straightforward design and easy, one-button operation means you spend less time measuring. Unlike ultrasonic distance meters with laser pointers, the Fluke 411D uses a precision narrow laser beam that can avoid the common errors caused by extraneous objects near measurement targets.

This compact and handy Fluke laser distance meter is designed for indoor, and limited outdoor, applications Addition, subtraction, area, and volume, calculations could not be simpler. The extra bright laser is clearly visible so you can see your targeting point even if an object is hard-to-reach or distant. The Fluke 411D has a large LCD screen and buttons positioned for one-handed measurements.
Ordering Information
Model Description Buy Online Price
411D Fluke 411D 100ft Laser Distance Meter Discontinued
See: 414D
411D62 Fluke 411D/62 Laser Distance Meter and IR Thermometer Discontinued
  • 2 - "AAA" Batteries
  • 1 - Nylon Carrying Case
  • 1 - Quick start guide
  • 1 - Users manual