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Fluke 345
Power Quality Clamp Meter

  • AC/DC current: Clamp-on measurement of ac current up to 1400 A rms and dc current up to 2000 A without breaking the circuit
  • Highest safety rating: 600 V CAT IV power analyzer is rated for use at the service entrance
  • Accurate in noisy environments: Clamp meter performs even with distorted waveforms present on electronic loads with low-pass filter
  • Data logging: Identify intermittent faults by logging any power quality parameter for minutes, or over a month, including harmonics
  • Verify batteries: Direct measurement of dc ripple (%) for battery and dc systems
  • Troubleshoot harmonics: Analyze and log harmonics digitally or graphically
  • Inrush current: Capture and analyze nuisance tripping, from 3 seconds to 300 seconds
  • Easy to use: Easily confirm power meter setup with large backlit color display of waveforms and trends
  • 3-Phase power: Built in capability for balanced loads
  • View graphs and generate reports: Use power analyzer with included Power Log software
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Product Information
Datasheet 445 KB PDF
Application Notes 411 KB PDF
Users Manual 1.6 MB PDF
Supplement Manual 77 KB PDF
Power Log Manual 798 KB PDF
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With the bright color power meter display to analyze the harmonic spectrum, a low-pass filter to remove high frequency noise, and a high EMC immunity design, the Fluke 345 power analyzer is ideal for troubleshooting power quality on switching loads. Additionally, the Hall Effect clamp meter design makes measurement of dc current possible without the need to break the circuit with the power meter. The internal memory of the power analyzer enables long-term power quality logging for analysis of trends or intermittent problems.
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MFR ID: 2584181
Fluke 345 Power Quality Clamp Meter Buy Now $2,699.99
Included Accessories
  • 1 - Soft Carrying Case
  • 1 - Power Log Software CD
  • 1 - Set of Test Leads
  • 1 - Set of Alligator Clips
  • 1 - Set of Test Probes
  • 1 - USB Cable
  • 1 - AC Adapter
  • 1 - Users Manual
Optional Accessories
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Extended Warrenty CarePlans
MFR ID: 4112738
Fluke G1P-GROUP2 Gold CarePlan - Extends warranty from 1 to 3 yrs & includes annual NIST calibration Buy Now Sale $382.49
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MFR ID: 4112761
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