Fluke LEM LH2015
AC/DC True RMS Clamp Meter, Discontinued

See: Fluke 345

High current, large jaw clamp for industrial and utility applications

Current clamp measurement can be used when:

  • It's not possible to power down equipment and break the circuit
  • Checking the current on large loads to avoid overheating of conductors
  • Measuring large dc currents in Industrial Drives
  • 2000 Amp current measurement
  • Accurate True RMS measurement for distorted waveforms
  • Large 50 mm (2 in) jaw capacity
  • Autoranging and Auto-zero
  • Display-Hold and Max-Hold (Surge)
  • 2-Year Warranty
The LH2015's large jaw is suitable for current measurements up to 2000 A ac/dc on large conductors or bus bars. The LH2015's measurement accuracy is unaffected by external magnetic fields or off-center conductor positioning due to its advanced jaw design. Its Display-Hold feature freezes the measurement for viewing after measuring and the MAX-Hold captures the maximum measured current.
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LH1050 LEM LH1050, AC/DC TRMS 1000A POWER CLAMP  Discontinued
See: Fluke 345

Included Accessories

  • Soft case
  • Users manual