Fluke i50s
AC Scope Current Probe, 50MHZ

  • Bandwidth DC up to 50 MHz
  • Nominal current 30 A
  • Max. current 50 A, < 10 s
  • Automatic zero adjustment and degauss functions
  • Overheating and Head Unlocked warning
  • Rise time < 7 ns
  • External magnetic field rejection rate AC and DC 60 dB
  • Rejection rate of fast dv/dt (5kV/_s) < 15 mA t
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Fluke i50s Shown
Designed for use with bench oscilloscopes, the i50s Current Probe offers an ergonomic, robust and high performing solution for the measurement of DC and AC currents up to 50 MHz. With a permanent nominal current of 30 A RMS and a measuring capacity of 50 A for 10 s, as well as exceptional immunity to high common mode voltages (dv/dt = 5 kV/_s,) amplitude = 1,5 kV, error < 0,05 % of IPN), the i50s considerably widens the possibilities of accurate measurement of commutation currents.
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I50S Fluke I50S AC/DC Ssope Current Probe, 50MHZ Discontinued