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Fluke I2000 FLEX

AC Current Flex Clamp/Banana Plugs, 20A-2000A AC Switchable

Brand: Fluke
Model No: I2000 FLEX
MPN: 2584912
Our Model No: I2000FLEX
Condition: NEW
I2000 FLEX
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Product Features:

  • Current range: 20A, 200A, and 2000A AC switchable
  • Output: 100 mV/A, 10 mV/A and 1 mV/A output
  • Maximum conductor diameter: 178 mm
  • Frequency range: 10 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Safety rating(s): CAT III 600V
  • Ideal for current measurements on thick and hard to reach conductors without breaking circuits

The Fluke i2000 Flex AC Current Flex Clamp/Banana Plugs, 20A-2000A AC Switchable utilizes the Rogowski (air-cored coil) principle. It can be used to measure currents up to 2000A when used in conjunction with multimeters, recorders, or data loggers. The flexible and lightweight measuring head allows for quick and easy installation on thick and hard-to-reach areas.

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