Fluke i1000s
AC Current Probe

  • Current Range: 100mA to 1000 Arms
  • Basic Accuracy 48Hz to 65Hz:
    • 10A Range +/- 3% of reading + 0.1A, 100mV/A output
    • 100A Range +/- 2% of reading + 0.5A, 10mV/A output
    • 1000A Range +/- 1% of reading + 1A, 1mV/A output
  • Bandwidth: 5Hz to 100kHz
  • Working Voltage: 600V AC rms
  • Maximum Conductor Size: 54 mm (2.13 inch) diameter
  • Safety Rating: 600V rms. CAT III per IEC 1010-02-032
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Fluke i1000s Shown
The Fluke model i1000s is a portable 1000 Arms oscilloscope probe intended for use in industrial and power environments. The unit permits analysis and measurement of current waveforms and harmonics. Millivolt output proportional to current magnitude allows for direct display of the waveform on an oscilloscope via a coaxial cable terminated with an insulated BNC connector.
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