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Fluke Networks DSX-CHA003

Single DSX Series Coaxial Adapter

Brand: Fluke Networks
Model No: DSX-CHA003
MPN: 4556258
Our Model No: DSXCHA003
Condition: NEW
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  • For use with DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer
  • Supports testing of 50 ohm, 75 ohm, and 93 ohm coaxial cable
  • Length-Scaled test limits which automatically adjusts the Insertion Lost limit across the specified frequency range

Fluke Networks DSXCHA003 coaxial cabling has long been used for distribution of data and video signals. The physical construction of coaxial cable, with a center conductor surrounded by one or more shields, makes it highly resistant to electromagnetic interference. This allows coaxial cable to carry high frequency signals over long distances while maintaining a high Signal-to-Noise ratio.

Coaxial cable was one of the first media to support Ethernet with IEEE802.3 standardizing 10BASE2 and 10BASE5, enabling Ethernet transmission up to 185 meters or 50 meters, respectively. Coax is also widely used to distribute broadband video signals in residentialand business applications.

  • 1 - Coax Adapter for DSX-5000 Cable Analyzer
Datasheet: PDF Document Icon(373 KB)
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